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 I wasnt sure a week ago that I'd be able to ride on Sunday. Even Saturday, my blood sugars were still all over the map. I felt like crap. My emotional control was pretty weak, leaving me feeling very lost and out of touch with the people around me. 

I'm very grateful to R for coming over Thursday night after the worst blood sugar low I'd had in a while and taking really lovely care of me. Its hard for me, I want to be at my best for friends and lovers and I was not at all. 

Thursday before the ride, I got a new drug to help with the super high blood sugars, and had taken it - the doc warned me that it might be rather strong, but I went from 349 down to 74 in 2 hours. It was horrible. I was at work and almost completely lost control - managed to drink apple cider, and get the sugar up, and eat food to keep it more level, but I was bobbing up and down from 220 down to 90 and up again for a few hours. 

@byronium was 90 minutes late getting to pick me up on Friday - apparently, unlike me, he hadnt packed on Thursday night and spent a lot of time hunting for stuff on Friday. Poor dear - we've been doing almost nothing not related to bicycling in so long, we were unable to find 'nice clothes' for the nice restaurants we were going to eat at. (It took me a while on Thursday night - I over packed on shoes, as it turned out. ;) ) 

We ended up arriving up in Napa just in time to grab a food at Sonic, only to see a certain blue and white volkswagon belonging to our dearest @llamaeyes! So funny, we all stopped there to grab a bite on the way up. we 'snuck' in next to her. I was glad to see her and the awesome purplehair'd one. 

The Champion's Celebration was a lot of fun - the only thing I'd change would be more seating. It was tough to find places to sit, and sometimes, the noise got a little much for me, but we had fun - @llamaeyes and @byronium won 7 bottles of wine between them. I was hoping to meet more red riders, and some other folks on Team Red, but didnt manage to do so. (My suggestion for next year is we have one or two social events before the big ride so people on Team Red or otherwise can meet each other.) 

(I was also fortunately able to avoid They Who I Can't Stand, from my 1st Napa Tour. ;) mostly by completely not seeing them. heh.) 

We didnt win the Big Box of Wine Bottles or anything else, but that was fine. The food, drink and company was just great! 

Saturday, got a lazy late start - Met @llamaeyes for lunch, and while I ran some errands to get toiletries that I had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN, they went to see Chris Carmichael talk - I'm sorry I missed it, as it seemed like it was really very inspirational. My blood sugar was still all over the map, so I was nervous about trying to get in a short ride before going out to dinner. 

Dinner itself was _amazing_. Ad Hoc remains one of my all time favorite restaurants. Expensive, yes, but I never feel 'cheated' at the end of the meal.  My favorite part was how @llamaeyes and @moxie both wanted more of the lardons that came with our starter salad. I asked the waiter if we could have more salad with 'less of the salad, more of the bacon', and he brought us a bowl of of mostly lardons with a couple bits of other salad. 

I spent the rest of the evening being very grateful that @byronium and I had a room so close to the start. He had to be at the start line by 645 am, while I didnt until 8 am. This was going to be one of the first rides I did on my own, (the other being the Bridge Pedal a few years ago, and the less I think about that, the better). I was also super grateful for all of his support through this while still training for his own ride. (next post, the ride itself!) 

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