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This week isnt our anniversary, but it was four years ago that Byronium and I went out on our first date. I'm still and continue to be so happy, in love, and joyful that we're together. :) 

Friday, I was having trouble eating. I had gotten into this state where nothing sounded good, but I needed to eat, so I’d just get so MAD at the food for not tasting as I wanted it. Its annoying and stressful, because I have to eat, and I want / need to eat well and healthy, but when I get into this tug of war with food not TASTING good even if its good for me, I end up just being a cranky whiney little bitch about the whole thing.

First world problem indeed. I’m grateful and fortunate that I can have this issue. Still doesn’t make it easier for my emotional side to deal with.

Steak sounded good. The only places I trusted to make steak that wouldn’t disappoint were booked up. Except one. Bourbon Steak. A slightly pricier place to go and eat than I’d have hoped, but still, remembering from last time, we decided on an appetizer, two sides and splitting one entrée with a couple of drinks would make sense. (its still expensive. Don’t get me wrong. But I hadn’t actually eaten any food in about three days that didn’t make me want to puke up, so frankly, the expense was worth it.)

Every bite was delicious. From kumomoto oysters, half a chilled, cleaned crab (yay for the 1st crab of the year being PERFECT!), my amazingly perfect bourbon drink, steak perfectly rare and marbled and soft. All these things died well and I am a lucky lucky person. Did I mention truffle mac and cheese? And duck fat fries? DUCK FAT FRIES. Everything I put in my mouth made me happy, tasted good, and didn’t upset my body at all.


I love the service there too! Well taken care of, well fed and watered, home early to fall asleep to naughty kittens.

Saturday, moving slowly. Its been a really really long week at work, and I wanted to go on a bike ride. It felt all week that things kept conspiring against having a block of time to go, but we did – rode over to golden gate park, to the water, looked at it, and rode home. My lungs hurt the whole time. Its too cold, and I’m really struggling with how it hurts. The headwind didn’t help either, but even tho it hurt and I didn’t quite make it as far or as long as I wanted, riding was lovely. I’m getting more and more comfortable in traffic, moving with cars and other bikes.

I still had trouble eating. I think I managed a bite of oatmeal, but drank plenty of juice, Cytomax and Prepetuam during the ride. Still didn’t get much food in me. Had to say g’bye to Byronium, as he was heading to the FreezePop concert that night with rhiannonstone, who are far more fans than I’ll be of that band. I didn’t know it was an early show, so he almost was late.

I met up with bobigail, and we went to Hot Glass, Cold Beer, put on by = tons of fun, and the great thing about being out with her is that we’re both far more outgoing and talkative to people. We met tons of fun folks, looked at great art, and had a lovely time! It was warm near the furnaces, but cold everwhere else, so we left after about 2 hours and headed to Liberties for libations.

Then to the really kinky part of the night, we wound up yarn to get it ready for spinning. Kinky ‘cause the yarn was a mess. What a pain in the butt.

Had a lot of fun with Pilchard and Bob tho, and headed home around midnight to Not Fall Asleep. WTF?!

I had to get up at 7 so was dragging around, including forgetting my coffee at home while I ran out to get to Oakland. Had a nice walk to the Glen Park Bart and then a nice walk from the 19th st Bart past the lake – glad my lungs didn’t hurt too badly, glad my legs and feet were good. I felt good being strong and in my body!

It was fun getting to help lellis and ellric and friends get ready for the party. Its nice to get to things early like that so you can help out, talk to the people actually throwing the party, and having some quiet time before the crazy starts! R was nice enough to make me coffee which was super tasty! I chopped mostly and talked a lot. I was far more social than I have been in a while. That felt good too, like I was starting to wake up from this slight fog I’ve been in for a while. Great memory is Rhiannonstone coming in with her new santa hat! Byronium had delivered it the night before when they’d gone to the concert together, and she looked really happy to have it, even with the lame poufball. (I might have to replace them on hers and C’s. )

YAY holiday hats!

I dragged Byronium over to Piedmont Yarns where I got something awesome to make a special hat for my goddaughter’s younger brother, to go along with the hat I’m also making her! Many baby hats are in the makingssssss

Byronium was sweet to me. We met up with Llamaeyes after her flight home and got our nails done – I found one of the new colors from the Muppet Movie – Wocka Wocka Red! I had to get ‘em done that color. Its super adorable on me.

Rest of Sunday was quiet, we ate dinner and headed on home where I mostly just fell over exhausted.


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