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Sometimes, Yoga ends up being a lot about facing the not so 'cute' things in my life, my head so full of grief, or anger, or sadness, or pain. Its been a good thing to move through those feelings, to sit with them, to really 'feel my feelings'. I'm amazingly grateful for the time and space that happened to me (or I allowed to happen myself) to do this.

Last night wasnt like that. Last night was so completely different that I've been sort of walking in a daze, amazed at the world.
the Gory Details...  )and when things were hard - like my hips and ankles were just not interested in moving in certain ways last night, I'd get as comfortable as possible, and pray as I did as a child, breathing in and out:

Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare!


and the only images in my head were something like this:

when I was a child, these were similar to images that I liked depicting some of my favorite representations of God, so its comforting, joyful, and in my mind, a sign of peace when I see them. (tho the images in my head are always much darker. ;) darker blue in fact.)

So not perfect in that all I have is the breath, but a deep peace being in the moment.

The not so philosopical parts: was amazing and lovely to see Rhiannonstone, and to meet her friend. Its good to share this space with you! She was kind enough to pick up an item from Lush and in case I did have an allergy to it, seal it up in a ziploc bag! I love when friends notice these things and do it to take care of me.


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