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Still can't hear for some reason. I was consistently flat all evening -- but we played a bunch of duets and worked on hand position again. I got a new lesson to try for holding my violin...

get this: 1st finger, f-sharp on the E string, 2nd finger, c-sharp on A, third finger, G on the D string, 4th finger, D on the G string. Now push all four strings down hard like you were gonna play them, and wriggle your thumb.

I almost dropped my violin doing that one. but it forces your hand into the right position.

the other good news is that he's finding some violin / viola solos -- we did a little of a Mozart one that was really lovely. Off to search the Werner Icking site tonite to find it. (So if a certain violist out there who may be reading this sees, we should definately talk! :) )

1. pick up wood violin this weekend
2. get a metronome
3. play more. :)

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All those finger practices are paying off. Our usual thing is he sez, "let's play this scale in two octaves," and then we go. I'm having to think less and less about what the 'notes' are, and more and more about where my fingers are supposed to be. Next week I'm going to ask him to try doing that in 2nd, 3rd or 4th position to make it harder. (plus then I learn the geography of THOSE positions too)

We're working on this Bach piece, that's actually pretty neat for the amount of things you can learn to do well -- the various positions and shifting -- I've almost never used 1/2 position on the violin before, so that's a bit of a challenge, as well as crazy bowing (what do you mean I have to play 17 notes in one stroke??)

But I did it well! Which then led into our weekly philosophical discussion about violin playing in general -- that getting it right the first time isnt enough and about not having attachment to having done it perfectly in the past, but working on doing it perfectly in the moment AND not getting stressed when one doesnt get it right...

I didnt want to go to work today! I wanted to stay home and play my violin all day.


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