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30 minutes today! listened to headfones and that worked out better.
fasting: 115 - I think too many sushi rolls last night. :( (bedtime was 155, kinda high as well!) 

Sunday, looking at doing a longer day, hoping that some other friends will join us - its accessible by bart!

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today : 35 minutes. Time to dig up the heart rate monitor...
Fasting: 85 (WHOOHOO!)

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Sunday: 10 miles involving some crazy elevation changes!  Having higher air pressure really helped.

Today: 4 miles on the stationery with some slight hills. I can knit and bicycle at the same time. I'm enjoying getting this hat finished.

Fasting blood sugars, even with eating late last night: 104

edited to add: 
I was really depressed during the bicycle ride on Sunday - I felt so fat and out of shape and sluglike and angry at myself - I almost didnt enjoy it. During one of the my panting over the handlebar stops, I talked to byronium about whether HE was stressing about the ride in two weeks, and (reason 49541 why he's one of my best friends) he says, "No." Points out there are SAG trucks, and he'll do what he can and enjoy himself.

I realized that if it sucked, we could always call someone from Park Place to come get us, or he could go back and get hte car and get me, so I quit worrying about the ride so much, and concentrated on enjoying it and working on using the pedals more efficiently.
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gym entry.

I've gone Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday this week, mostly doing aerobics and stretching, Next week adding back in the weights, but this week was all about getting 2 to 2.5 miles in each workout.

It might just be in my head, but already I'm feeling warmer, and looser and far more content already. I know, why do I fall off the wagon?

Anyway, glad to continue the trend. One blood sugar low, 'cause I went at lunchtime, but otherwise, managing even not 1st thing in the morning fairly well.
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[ profile] byronium  is getting tickets for a few of us already who read my LJ, but if you want to go, think about it: - they are playing at the Independent on the 12th of November.

We could meet for sushi beforehand!

Werked out again, 25 minutes, 2 miles. Tired. muggy today. its raining and that makes me _sad_. I was sort of wallowing in it, but friends arent allowing me to do so.

Which isnt so bad! Blood sugars are boring today, were a little high last night, but that was totally due to the rice pudding, I know that. SO GOOD. 
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I havent been to the gym in a dogs age. forever. I dont even want to go back and look how long its been. I finally hit a wall yesterday when I realized I was starting to hate myself again for being a fat lazy potatoe slug.

So I went to the gym after work.

Mainly to see if I could manage it.

Not so good, as it turns out, actually - tho I'd eaten a snack before, I had a bad blood sugar drop right after - not so bad, I'll drink chocolate milk! But I was so shakey that I managed to get chocolate milk all over my shirt, and sent a txt to the wrong place.

BUT the workout itself was awesome! I feel so much better now. I dont know if I have time tonite, but I think I'll try and go again. This weekend, going to go pick up a trainer for my mtn bike, so I can at least bicycle from home on my crazy early days. Definately going tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday as well.

In utter ridiculousness, I was playing Rock Band last night - just the bass part. I can do a lot of stuff on the bass in 'medium'. :)  Anyone play online? I tried it last weekend with [ profile] byronium  and it was very stressful! plus some of the songs were STUPID hard. The stress part is when I play with the Array, its fine, just fun, even if we screw up. But with strangers, "oh gods, they see how awful I am!" 

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Ow. I think I slept funny last night, because the muscles under my left shoulder and upper back are SORE.

24 minutes, 2 miles on the pre-cor. I was too sleepy to try another machine. I'll try it tomorrow. :)
Shoulder exercises

I'm reading Brimstone by Preston/Childs -- part of their Pendergast series of books, which I am LOVING. I've turned my coworkers onto them, and we talk about the books. Its great fun. (My other bibliophile coworker read Neverwhere as well and loved it.)

oh yea, I'm finally kicking whatever it is that's been making me draggy. Fasting bg was 113 (usually its been more like 150-160).

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The answer to all "Why's?" tossed my way, Gayathri, so long as the
question makes no false presumptions, is always, "Because, I love you."

Actually, I love you anyway -
    The Universe

Dear Universe, I love you too!

Gym today: 1 mile, 11:30 minutes; 2 miles today, 23:45 minutes, various ups and downs on the pre-cor. I think I'm hitting a plateau with it, and am considering trying the stationary bike or the version with the arms. Yesterday, I walked a TON at some park in San Diego in the wrong shoes, and the day before walked a TON at Balboa Park in the wrong shoes and my feet HURT.

Speaking of San Diego, Prado at Balboa Park was _fantastic_! (mmm, my dessert was so amazing -- I had the Chocolate Souffle Cake, and you get two different cakes with that -- one a tiny baked alaska and the other a chocolate gooey oozy warm cake in the perfect size, perfect taste and textures.) and the Pacific Islander Festival on Sunday was great fun -- we got to see Samoan men dancing, beautiful girls from Fiji, Hawaii some tiny islands I'd never HEARD of performing... was great to spend the time with my friends in the sun.

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my tummy hurts. :(

but I did go to the gym today. 2 miles in 23 minutes, with back exercises. I'm going to do yoga tonite having cleared some space in my bedroom last night -- nothing strenous, I have about 15 minutes of asanas I want to try and remember how to do.

I'm just draggy and tired and my tummy hurts and I ache all over - I think its still leftover from being sick last weekend. Taking it very easy, as there is a bizy weekend ahead.
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horrah -- I did an 11 minute mile, and 11.5 minute mile and then couldnt manage more then a 12 minute mile! Its hard to concentrate on going that quick for me. But I got my 3 miles in under 35 minutes, which was the real goal. Did shoulders and stretched, tho tonite I'm going to try some yoga before bed to try and relax.

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in 36 minutes again. I tried to get under, but lost focus the last 3 minutes. I was out REALLY late last night, so didnt feel safe lifting weights. Went home, made a protein shake and kept hustling so I wouldnt fall asleep.

Got to work and now trying not to fall asleep!.   
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got up at 5:45 today, went to the gym -- a little bad because of asthma issues caused by cleaning my damn vacuum cleaner. Next time, pay the 20$ and have the shop do it, just not worth the aggravation!

anyway, 40 minutes on the pre-cor, 3 miles, drank a ton of water.
Shoulders: hand weights, hated looking at myself in the mirror.

Breakfast: too much cereal!
 wif chocolate soy milk

no tea

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30 minutes -- no idea how many in the zone because the heart rate monitor was freaking out. I did back: lat pulldows, rows and lower back extensions. Breakfast was cereal with soy milk again. :)

I realized that I dont enjoy riding my T5 to commute to things. I especially have trouble if I'm not wearing my motoport or full leathers -- I rode it back from the party on saturday, and was coming home around 4 am, and was freaking out because it was so dark and I wasnt wearing overpants. Having the mp3 player helped since I could turn it up and get lizard brain to STFU.

Its still got the oil leak, but its so slow that if I wait another month and just change the oil and filter, I think I'll be good. I still want  to clean it again, clean and lube the chain and check the coolant. Next time I'm home, I suppose.

The bad news is that I'm still under the weather. :( tho i'm getting plenty of sleep, I'm feeling really rundown and overly achey and my BG is still a little high.

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35 minutes, 30 in the zone, and I pushed it to keep the heart rate at the higher part of the zone. Gonna see if I can move it up a bit. Just did shoulders today, free weights, YAY! one of the things I really like about this gym is their great selection of free weights on both floors. I may ask for a personal trainer session to learn how to use them on the balance balls. I'm going to at least try some exercises on it next week.

hard to breathe today. Really muggy.
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I almost stayed up last night to read the entire Harry Potter book... (I'm about 150 pages from the end)
Edited: I actually finished it this morning. (omg, I'm so lame)

I did wake up an hour later to get to the gym. This sucks as the gym is packed at 6 30 in ways its not at 5 30 am. I did weights first because there were NO pre-cors available.


but: 20 minutes pre-cor, 1.5 miles
10 minutes bicycle, 2.5 miles

back: row: 40 lbs, 5 sets, 12 reps
lat pulldown: 50 lbs, 5 sets, 12 reps

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its raining today because I washed and cleaned my bike this weekend. There's oil leaking from 'somewhere' so I spent some quality time with nitrile gloves, degreaser and blue towels to clean off the bottom of the bike. P was nice enough to clean off the top of the bike, including all the bugs I picked up during Porterville. So nice of him! :)

The oil leak is from the crush washer, which is kind of a pain because I'll have to drop all the oil and replace the washer and put new oil in... I was bad, I didnt do that. I instead put more oil in the bike and P and I went for a short ride on sunday. :) Great fun, very little traffic because apparently everyone was at Laguna Seca. my bad was misjudging the time and I blew off my friends who were hosing a GP viewing party -- we got home just in time to watch it ourselves. DOH!

Ok. breakfast is finished -- I went to the gym this morning -- I couldnt find my heart rate monitor this morning, which is a pain in the butt -- its not on my desk so hopefully its upstairs in my messy bedroom.
30 minutes on the pre-cor, 2.2 miles.
Chest: Flyes: 25 lbs, 3 sets, 12 reps
incline press: 30 lbs, 3 sets, 12 reps
shoulder press: 30 lbs, 3 sets, 12 reps

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only 35 minutes today, breathing was a little difficult, and I didnt want to push it, but 30 minutes in the zone, so all good.
I did arms today:

curls: 30 lbs, 3 sets, 8 reps
tricep push downs with rope: 70 lbs, 3 sets, 8 reps
overhead tricep: 60 lbs, 3 sets, 8 reps

35 minutes, pre cor

Got home and had a bad asthma attack after taking a shower. Lay down and fell asleep for like an hour, so instead of being at work early, I was late, doh! Then to make it worse, as I got on the elevator at work, someone who'd just gotten off had too much perfume on and I had an attack in the elevator! argh!

so headachey and cranky today so far.   
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40 minutes, 33 in the zone, more because I kept going over. I had a lot of aggravation to work out today.

Back: lat pulldowns: 40 lbs, 5 sets, 12 reps
row: 60 lbs, 5 sets, 12 reps

Breakfast: cereal with soy milk
Fasting BG: 131 (hrm, too many carbs last night? I had dosa for dinner, sorta over carby)

    off to make some tea before meeting.
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I made it back yesterday after too many stopovers, and I'm still extremely tired. I also did not get out of bed at 5 this morning to get my butt to the gym. The only good news is that I lost another 2 lbs from last wednesday, so even the over porkage and complete insanity of eating pizza for lunch, and TWO masala dosas for dinner, cooked by Mom (who does love me, but does not love my friends) did not seem to toss me off too much. :)

Traveling DOES screw with my blood sugar a bunch. Overnights were not good, and long flights with timezones changing was hard. I hope to get back to fasting BG's in the 90-110 range again, as I've been more like 130-150. :/
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for some reason I couldnt sleep last night, and then this morning, couldnt wake up. I missed going to the gym due to completely sleeping through my alarm. Everytime I woke up and did something, I'd start falling back asleep!

Blood sugars are good, I didnt eat much for breakfast.

pre sleep: 103
fasting: 93

(edited to change potatoe to banananananananana)


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