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Short: company holiday party, errands, @byronium's bocce Birthday Bash...

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At least for me. :) 
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my socks off. no, seriously, here I am, sockless:

I havent read the comic in a LONG time, so frankly had forgotten much of the story. I read Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and other graphic novels, comic book series in a far different part of my life.

I know folks havent had a chance to see it, so I wont spoil it, its under the cut here...
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Anyway, [ profile] byronium and I have to go see it again, I think...

The rest of the weekend has been really great. Went to Chez Maman for dinner, was chastized by the waiter for not having been in too long, and then B and I went to a party on Friday which was fun!

 Woke up too early on saturday to head over to the Herbst Theatre to see Kronos Quartet with rhiannonstone, byronium, basmati, jong, and h. One of their pieces made me think of Cleo until I almost cried. (No, not kidding. didnt want to weep like an idiot in front of people so managed to keep it under control... but I still miss her and Odey so much I get weepy thinking about it. like now.) 

Lunch at Max's, where I'd never eaten before. Wacky conversations (tho at the middle, it started getting hard to hear much of them, and I got tired of asking folks to repeat themselves.)

Headed over to Park Place while I worked a bit, and watched everyone else cook. B started up the cinnamon rolls, and roasted asparagus, salmon, swordfish, garlic bread and chicken. He was HICKORY SMOKED, I tell ya! Everyone else pitched in to make salad, the garlic bread, and other foods...

Dinner was fun, a couple of bottles of wine, good food, and we were off to the Herbst Theatre again to see the Bad Plus! w00t! So OSSM, including the singer who did versions of songs that blew me away. (More later...) 

Today was brunch, the bell and I made Boozy Bitter Chocolate Truffles
and a salmon and cheese scramble, and B finished the cinnamon rolls and we went to the watchmen. Came home after that to watch BSG (WHAT THE FRAK? I think I'll just keep saying that 'til its over.). Worked a little more, talked to both steam and  boi blu on line briefly (yay!) and now...

to bed.

(I'm peopled out. While I ENJOYED the weekend, I wish I'd planned a little bit better when I realized the weather was good and gone on a long motorcycle ride. Instead, next weekend, we're going SKIING! YAY! SKI! W00T!!!!) and two weeks later, up to Portland for 5 days. powells books, here I come!

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Saturday ran errands in the rain with byronium. I realy enjoy doing this, so we went and had breakfast at Toast in Noe Valley. The smugness and the dog loving was out in force. Its a very very different little neighborhood from Potrero or Bernal...

Picked up some small gifts for ada, went to the aveda store, picked up laundry, boring stuff. I went to whole paycheck and picked up food for our early dinner as we had plans in the south bay later that night. Dinner was simple, some of my kale and potatoe soup, as well as grilled cheese.

Party was fun, hung out with whipartist and some other friends, headed home kinda late, stopped to have a milkshake and onion rings at 1230 am. This isnt good for me, but byronium needed it. My fasting BG was a little high. (135, vs its usual 90-105 range)

Sunday, had made plans about 2 weeks ago to hook up with samantha, we havent seen each other in ages. We started out by having brunch at Serpetine - whiskey smash and a fried egg on a biscuit for me! Red Flannel Hash for S! omnomnomnom. SOoooo Goooood!

My friend Minal is going on her book tour starting this week, and some friends were having a send off at the El Rio. It was quiet, as in not too many people, and loud, as in the music still made it hard to talk. I didnt last long, and went shopping at the car place to pick up osme things for my motorcycle. :) Samantha and I decided to go on an adventure into Union Square to check out the Levi's store. I bought a pair of jeans that I would never have thought would have fit me. But they are actually a little loose. Who knew? Again, this odd feeling of handing back items because they were TOO BIG vs too small... the store itself tho? SUCKED. Couldnt find the cash register, and the folks they had working there had to be prodded to help us.

I wanted to try on a pair of 501's, but got shopped out so fast from the not great customer experience, I dragged samantha out and we stopped at LUSH instead. mmm. Lush... I bought some Almond Butter Buttercream, a new bottle of Flying Fox, another bottle of Happy Hippy, two lip smoothies for B... I miss him smelling like EggsSnog.

Made a mistake in NOT contacting [ profile] peculiaire  and ended up not seeing her or meeting her cats after the levi's/ lush extravaganza. (*sadness only disappated by the fact we're having sushi tonite!) 

Dropped S off at her mom's, headed to WholePaycheck a little hungry. Ended up a LOT hungry in the checkout line. Ate dessert first, and had salad, chicken and more salad for dinner. Along with a couple more whiskey smashes made by byronium...

Watched BSG (the past two episodes. all i'm sayin' is OMGWTfrakBBQpwnies!!!) and fell over. The week before caught up hard this weekend, and I'm glad I took it mostly easy.

Tomorrow night, continued experiments in cooking in a small kitchen! (note: remind byronium to bring over kale and bacon)
Or maybe I'll make indian food...

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The weather was NOT raining, and NOT too cold. I went on a ride.

Basically the best thing I could do for myself. :) My toes hurt from being on them. My thighs hurt from moving back and forth, my neck and shoulders are sore from being an idiot and not holding myself right on the freeway at speed.

Found a couple of other guys on the way to Alice's and played "Chase the Bunny", and got going at a good clip.  thank goodness for the DPW slowing us down for a washed out spot. The rest of the guys stopped at Alice's, but I kept going. I was warm now, and moving well, and it was time to hit my fave stretch of wide open road when I could.

Booyah. I was cold, and had to take a warm shower when I got back, but TOTALLY worth it for the hours of awesomeness!

past week notes... )[ profile] byronium

This week is crazy! I'm launching a project, so the last minute things are crazy making! But this is the fun part!

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Friday, I started to feel sick, like really awful - headache like my eyes were about to pop out my head, and I felt like I was going to throw up. I cancelled all my meetings, raced home and did throw up.  Took a bunch of advil, shot down a diet pepsi and hid in my dark room for a few hours.

I was supposed to go out with [ profile] byronium  as part of his Birthday Month Celebration (I even had Evil Plans!), but just was not going to make it. He did make me cry by suggesting instead that he come and get me, take me to his place, make me chicken soup, and play video games.  I was having some other symptoms that made me feel awful too - some of my lymph nodes were swollen and tender, so I made a promise to myself to call the doc on monday; if it got worse, see someone on Saturday.

It was nice to be so well taken care of! We didnt actually play any video games at all, but watched Snatch, which I'd never seen before. I did like it better than Lock, Stock, Two Smoking Barrels, which I actually liked a lot. I think I need to watch it again with the subtitles turned on for Brad Pitt's character's lines, 'cause it really was pretty funny how LITTLE sense it made. We also watched Empire Strikes Back with my favorite jerk line of all time, "I know," more notes... )

BIG HUGE MONSTER THANKS to llamaeyes for arranging _everything_ - this made things so much easier on me, you have no idea, ma'am! 

Party was awesome, but the infection I have was starting to rage, and I was cold, achey and going thru even more cottonwool. Ouch.
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I havent been feeling so great - fighting off an infection, so took it TOTALLY easy this weekend.
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