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tho no bicycling! It was too cold, and I'm really having trouble dealing with the temperature.

saturday, byronium and I met up around noon, mostly after the new housemate had moved in. I'm looking forward to her putting her stamp on the place!

We headed out to not go mtn biking, and instead ran some errands. instead of cooking the fancy dinner we'd planned, we just got some crab and bread and had crab, garlic bread and some white wine. Turns out this was good for me. :)

I finished two knitting projects (almost) - just have to sew the sweater together!

Slept well and beautifully, even after watching a Few Good Men and My Neighbor Totoro. Woke up to it still being freezing cold and a really funny conversation with my mom about weddings. I dont know a thing about them either so we're enjoying watching my brother's unfold.

Headed down to RWC to have brunch with the llama - she's struggling with her medical woes, so it was nice to hang out and visit.

Finally, the weekend ends with Rhiannonstone's Birthday Crabfest! crabs! lots of 'em. Yum. :)
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Friday night was awesome, some serious downtime with byronium - he'd gotten a new video game, and I enjoyed watching him play it. It was very exciting!

Saturday, we went and got our toes done - I'd picked out a few choices, and Byronium picked one of the ones I'd chosen. Purple and sparkly - it turns out that's not really my color. I like purple, but not pastel, and I'm not a really sparkly girl after all. Its worth trying new things to find out. :) I felt like a 5 year old trying to be glamourous and merely barely being cute.
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A few weeks ago, one of my coworkers asked if I could help them with an oil change on their motorcycle - I sort of laughed, because once you have the tools, oil changes are _easy_ - it usually takes longer to clean up from them than to actually do it, and if you have a bike with bodywork, even longer to take it off and on...

As ratwerks said, "you loosen up a nut, oil falls out, you take off the filter, replace the filter and nut, put oil back in..." - but I know that if you've never done it, it can be intimidating!
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After such a full weekend, mostly just fell over at this point.

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I finally got to see my dermatologist on friday - with the crazy news that if the treatment didnt show improvement on my skin by next wednesday, she wanted to admit me to the hospital burn ward to manage my skin. Ouch.
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This was pretty damn relevant for me today:
' “What irritates us in the first place is that our wishes are not fulfilled. But remaining upset does nothing to help fulfill those wishes. So we neither fulfill our wishes nor regain our cheerfulness. This disconcerted state, from which anger can grow, is most dangerous. We should never try to let our happy frame of mind be disturbed. Whether we are suffering at present or have suffered in the past, there is no reason to be unhappy.”

I don't know if I can be happy all the time, nor do I believe that I have to be. I take the above insight to be more of a reminder to seek contentment in all moments: even when the moments are not pretty or fun - even when the moments are stressful or hurtful. I will still feel hurt, sadness, frustration, and negativity at times and I need to work hard at realizing and acknowledging the good and peacefulness even within such moments.'

I love my dear friend!!

I went skiing this weekend. :) It was great fun, especially as it was a weekend away with byronium. I needed a chance to unplug for a bit.

Skiing was good - spring skiing conditions;[ profile] byronium spent some time on his ass snowboarding, which was fun for me to watch because I'm a mean girl, and him too - even tho he was falling over, the smile on his face was awesome. (I love joyful people! They remind me to be joyful on the outside too)

A funny thing that happened - apparently, while driving up, I passed out in the passenger seat (as usual, i'm the worst passenger on roadtrips) and we were going around some fun curves in the moonlight, and I (in my sleep) said, "w00t!". 

Another adventure during the trip was a visit to the local trashy lingerie shop. Byronium and I were apparently the only visitors in a while and ended up in some really funny conversations with the VERY young girls there. I felt like a dirty old man. Srsly. Tho one of them TOTALLY looked like a 20yr old Tina Fey, which made it even funnier.

Lots of falling down mountains, both controlled and uncontrolled.

Sunday, the only problem was that the sun was hiding, and some of the trails were wiped out -  I hate that. :( Makes it hard to ski when I can't see what I'm skiing on.[ profile] byronium couldnt find boots in his size so ended up skiing instead.  still, today was more fun 'cause I actually spent more of it skiing with B, vs abandoning him to a lesson and finding trails on my own.

The end of the day was pretty great - went to check out boots at the pro shop, and got fitted... into a pair I think that
[ profile] lil_brown_batrecommended I look at at the start of the season due to its low volume boot and narrow profile (technica something or anothers!). They fit _awesome_ tho I still think an insole will be great for next season. The Master Bootfitter (Jet. Kid you not, his name was Jet) was really sweet and bought out a ton of boots and was very knowledgeable about what was good / bad / indifferent about each style. He said his gf had the same boot I bought, and always asked him to help put it on, so he kindly showed byronium what HE had to do, saying, "get used to it, she's gonna make you help her..."  Byronium just laughed and said, "she's already very spoiled!"

I'm not spoiled, even tho I'll say I am. I am well taken care of, well loved and shown and told; which really, is how it ought to be. I'm not ever going to settle for less than being treated well in any relationship of any importance.
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so its been lo-key. Have been unable to get to my doctor to see about a specialist, so some angst about that, but tomorrow's monday and another long day of work to look forward to. Not.
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Yea, so it rained on saturday. I even went out, but the rain started to get so bad my gloves got soaked through, and when another car threw up a sheet of water on my leathers, I came home. *sad*

Friday night was fun tho! Dinner at the counter at Chez Papa, 'cause Chez Maman was full, and none of the other potrero places were available. We split a couple of petit assiettes, the potato salad with asparagus, the calamari with a baked crumb topping, and the _foie gras_ - I think they flash fried it - it had a crispy outside, and the center was still cold and so so fatty. the mouthfeel on it was really amazing - hot and crisp on the outside, and the cold foie in the middle. It was served with carmelized fruit - sort of like Alembic's Foie Gras and Jelly, but with fruit.

My date found my enjoyment amusing, but put up with it. We split the steak with carmalized onions, which also was ossm - carmelized in butter for a long time, the onions were so buttery on top of an equally rich and nicely done medium rare steak.

Too full for dessert, we headed off into the sunset. The rest of the evening was pretty much just as I'd hoped. :)

Morning comes, gloomy and sad, I'm already depressed at the lack of sunlight and the water falling from the sky.

I get a txt from jong: "Dear Gayathri, please show that you love us and come have brunch, Love, Us"
Manipulative, yes, but I was so bummed by the weather I said yes. Brunch at HOME! *sigh* mushroom and goat cheese scramble!

Smooches all around, I decide I"M GOING RIDING! its merely misting, you see. head home get on the gear, get on the bike, get onto the freeway heading to Alice's Resturant...

and the sky opens up and it starts _pouring_.

I can't see, and then cars are passing me, dumping more water on me. My gloves are soaked thru, so I turned around and went home. You couldnt tell I was crying because there was water inside my helmet too.

Prehaps retail therapy would help! I bought a few copies of Middleman, and went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get more sheets. Apparently everyone ELSE wanted to go to BBaB. Yicks.

Home again to watch more Middleman and drink coffee, and ended up in a long IM conversation. Headed on over to byronium's to watch the gang play video games until we had to leave to go to the Sisters of Prepetual Indulgence's fundraiser at Wild Side West. Saw sfracerx, donated some money and escaped to have burgers and fries.

An early night, got up the next day, picked up the ingredients for scones and headed to Park Place for a mellow long morning, hanging out, reading books, and commiserating over prop 8.

Picked up ingredients and went back to byronium 's for a massive cookfest - he made chili and chicken soup and I chopped a lot of things. I really enjoy cooking, and I love cooking with someone. I'm glad to have people who like cooking with me too.

Dinner was fun, more video games and another fairly early night.
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Friday night was a lovely date out with someone new. New is always a little scarey, a little fun, a little edgy, but this was good. Shhh, dont tell no one, but sometimes, I like to be nice. And who doesnt like a good girl?  We ate at Aperto in Potrero, she had the crab cakes, and I had the seared ahi tuna with sun dried tomatoes on top

Saturday morning came early, with a book and hot coffee, and meeting up with [ profile] sfracerx  for brunch at Serpentine. Yum baked eggs! roasted root veggies and baked eggs was really wonderful. Hanging with one of my fave biker babes, also fun.

Then, some confusion and my accidentally tweeting rather than txting byronium, we meet up to get ready to head on down to llamaeyes party. I, being quite the girl, manage to change my costume three times, before settling on Bad SchoolGirl because Red Corsetted SuperHeroine was going to leave me too dang cold - nex time, I need a black lace or tight shirt to wear under the corset. . It was _pouring rain and had gotten chilly.

Party was a TON of fun tho apparently a number of us had the idea for bad schoolgirls, and were quickly getting into trouble at the party! I sat in laps, I teased boys, I pulled pigtails, it was all good. favorite part of this was sitting with one of the other school girls, and a boy was trying to flirt with us. I tell her, "tell him to meet us behind the bleachers... and bring his big... sword." and he blushed pink when he realized that both of us were looking at him like he was gonna be lunch.

 I had a ton of fun meeting new people and getting better acquainted with old friends. There was sadly an incident with me and the tequila - I'd apparently been drinking faster than I had realized and it caught up with me at the end of the evening in a room spinning kind of way. Big huge MONSTER thanks to both [ profile] llamaeyes  and [ profile] byronium  for taking such good care of me. Urhg, No more Cuervo for me, ever again.

Today, mostly recovering from last night's ridiculous lack of judgement. We were supposed to go to [ profile] joedecker 's party, but feeling way too low key to get moving, [ profile] byronium  and I ended up kidnapping [ profile] bobbing_bob  for brunch around noon, and met up with [ profile] basmati  and jong at HOME for steak and eggs, or eggs benedict, or beef hash, tons of coffee, and for the others. Back to help byronium unpack some more, by simply .. um, watching him play video games. *grin*

Decided I had to cook, and managed a crazy adventure in trying to find canelleni beans. Apparently the safeway on Mission and 30th - doesnt have bacon, chicken or vegetable stock, beans that arent refried or black... I gave up and headed to the IGA on 23rd and Van Ness - its a far nicer shopping center, everything is clean and set up in a reasonable and easy to find fashion. The Safeway was a mess, nothing seemed clean or in order,  and the lines were crazy and full of cranky shoppers. :( It stressed me out, I was just shopping for a few things to make: Tuscan Bean Soup for dinner tonite, and kept thinking I should have driven further away and gone to Rainbow.

Soup making was fun and easy. I need to start cooking at home too - maybe Tuesday night, as tomorrow I'm meeting one of my friends at a coffee house for a few hours of writing and encouraging my NanoWriMo friends! I think I'll get a burrito for dinner, but I am taking a few bowls of this tasty soup to work for lunch and to share. :) Watched James and the Giant Peach, worked on some writing, and taking it easy. Its supposed to rain again tomorrow, so I'll be takin' the bus. Let's see how THAT adventure goes. 

Gym, get milk, make coffee, take bus to work - that's my plan for the morning.

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The answer to all "Why's?" tossed my way, Gayathri, so long as the
question makes no false presumptions, is always, "Because, I love you."

Actually, I love you anyway -
    The Universe

Dear Universe, I love you too!

Gym today: 1 mile, 11:30 minutes; 2 miles today, 23:45 minutes, various ups and downs on the pre-cor. I think I'm hitting a plateau with it, and am considering trying the stationary bike or the version with the arms. Yesterday, I walked a TON at some park in San Diego in the wrong shoes, and the day before walked a TON at Balboa Park in the wrong shoes and my feet HURT.

Speaking of San Diego, Prado at Balboa Park was _fantastic_! (mmm, my dessert was so amazing -- I had the Chocolate Souffle Cake, and you get two different cakes with that -- one a tiny baked alaska and the other a chocolate gooey oozy warm cake in the perfect size, perfect taste and textures.) and the Pacific Islander Festival on Sunday was great fun -- we got to see Samoan men dancing, beautiful girls from Fiji, Hawaii some tiny islands I'd never HEARD of performing... was great to spend the time with my friends in the sun.

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The farmer's market near me has a lot of great different breads. Last week I had a dried cranberry and nut bread that was great with butter, or cream cheese, or jam, but with just me eating it, half the loaf went bad. :(

This week I got an old favorite, the dark russian bread. Its black and heavy and just wonderful toasted with cream cheese or butter. it went great with the TJ's lentil soup I had for lunch and now I'm FULL.

The farmer's market was an adventure. I love looking at all the neat new foods out there -- I picked up some Chinese Brocolli, which I'll be steaming tonite for dinner.  I walked, which is great until you think about walking back up my hill with two big bags of groceries. *huff puff huff puff* bad air quality wasnt helping me.

Sunday morning, got up early and could not for the life of me find my vanson leather pants. Seriously, its been so long that I've worn them, I think they are lost in the bottom of my closet. I gave up and got into my mesh HeinGericke gear and set off. Took an good 45 minutes to take muholland to the 405 mostly due to traffic getting up laurel canyon, but then a straight shot down sunset to the water. A quick jaunt up some tiny canyon road off of PCH which left poor P in a muddle -- something about coming down hill tight canyon roads throws off his vision -- kinda like me trying to go down a bunch of moguls, after a while there is too much to process.

Then we hopped on muholland and took it all the way to the end of PCH, where at parts, it turns into a 1.5 lane goat trail. I like it, but its hard on my forearms when I havent ridden in weeks.

PCH was great heading south, no traffic and lots of great ocean views. I got good clean air for a while there.
Back up sunset to WeHo.

It was  LONG ride. I left the house at 10 am, and got back after 4, tho that included a late lunch and P's neighbor's dog biting my boot (apparently she's afraid of bikes)
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edited to add in all the TV shows I had to watch...


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