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urgh. I can't tune my violin. I swaer, some days its like I'm just an imbecile going through the motions, but sometimes I just cannot HEAR. The strings are in tune to each other, but the A string is NOT a 440A. Grr. Argh.

I'll hopefully finally be getting my wood violin back this weekend. Back to saving up for my motorcycle (July/August timeframe) but the good news is that its easier to tune my wood instrument, tho I still have to order new tailpieces for both.

just five notes worked to get my fingers in place, but the inability to keep the A at 440 was making me nuts.

Lesson tonite, I'll pick up a new tuner when I'm there.

I know -- I'm boring, but its work, walk and play violin these days.
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its the weird positions, sometimes they hurt my head. Like who plays in half position?!? but that's what makes sense and my fingers get mad at my brain for making them do something they dont want to. Fingers say, "but we could just slide back to get you the G-sharp before hitting the A.. whyfor you make us do C with the 4th finger? 4th finger not used to hitting C!!!")

its kinda like my fingers all get stumbly.

so we take 5 to 7 notes at a time. over and over again until I'm certain no one ever wants to hear me practice anything since it doesnt actually sound like MUSIC.

more time tonite. I miss being a kid and having HOURS to play.

On the good news front, its forced me to confront the state of my room which needs a spring cleaning tout suite. :)
(now, if only someone could help me with the spring cleaning and grand clothes folding!)
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no, really -- I am gaining such an appreciation for classical music playing this Bach piece from his Sei Solo – a violino senza Basso accompagnato

I've got the easiest piece right now, but do want to tackle the Chaconne some day!

(In case you want to look at the small piece I'm learning, take a look at: Page 23)

I printed out page 21-22, and 24 on this to start looking at once I can figure out how to enlarge the notes -- its hard for me to read

note: make eye dr appt. tout suite

Anyway, lesson went great yesterday, and at this point, I just have to learn all the notes in order -- we tackle it in pieces and learn a part before moving onto other parts that are different. Its a different way of looking at it, but I'm enjoying it as its less time consuming to  learn it in bits vs starting from the beginning and going to the end, which means I always know the beginning better then the middle or end!

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All those finger practices are paying off. Our usual thing is he sez, "let's play this scale in two octaves," and then we go. I'm having to think less and less about what the 'notes' are, and more and more about where my fingers are supposed to be. Next week I'm going to ask him to try doing that in 2nd, 3rd or 4th position to make it harder. (plus then I learn the geography of THOSE positions too)

We're working on this Bach piece, that's actually pretty neat for the amount of things you can learn to do well -- the various positions and shifting -- I've almost never used 1/2 position on the violin before, so that's a bit of a challenge, as well as crazy bowing (what do you mean I have to play 17 notes in one stroke??)

But I did it well! Which then led into our weekly philosophical discussion about violin playing in general -- that getting it right the first time isnt enough and about not having attachment to having done it perfectly in the past, but working on doing it perfectly in the moment AND not getting stressed when one doesnt get it right...

I didnt want to go to work today! I wanted to stay home and play my violin all day.
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man, it was dumb of me to put the wood violin in to be repaired just as the holidays hits -- this is always the time for sneaky costs coming up.

But my 250-300$ repair of my old Lady Macbeth was tossed out the window when she was opened up:

this is what she looks like without her top and this is all the work that needs to be done -- all the little tags are cracks, or places that need filling.

No one's getting Xmas presents from me. Maybe Spring Presents. :) The labor of a good luthier is worth its minutes in precious metals, but after 20 years of ownership and 50 years on this planet, I think she deserves it.

On the electric violin side of things, I found a lot of my music from when I was a kid, and have been playing Gavottes and going through playing scales, more scales, and still more scales, but this time I'm thinking more about the patterns my fingers make during the scales, and I'm paying more attention to the minor scales. I'm gonna ask the guitar guys at work if I can borrow some effects pedals. Purple Haze, here I come!


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