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PDX was awesome. I did the 14 mile bridge pedal and sad I didnt sign up for the 24 mile. Next year for sure.

byronium and I got new bicycles. Its his fault. And the taxfree state of OR... and the nice people at River City Cycles.

More notes later - was great to see folks, sad I didnt make it to sock summit at all, sad I missed riffraff814 and pdxyogini, but all in all a happy wolf girl.

mmm. which two wheeled vehicle to take ?
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Hanging out with my folks. This morning woke up to coffee, idli and sambar, and lunch is chappatis with whatever I want.

Amma is frying up pakoras, we're marinating tandoori chicken, and I'm looking thru their wine collection... folks should be showing up in the next few hours! I'm looking forward to it.

Read more... )dunno about making it to the brooklyn botanical gardens tomorrow - sadness on my part, but next visit - which will be sooner rather than later, I'll find out wednesday when I'm back to NY and LawnGuyLand...
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waiting at the airport, 1/3 of my trip home done. I'm so looking forward to a hot bath and maybe dinner at Front Porch saturday night and a few rounds of other people playing video games for my amusement.

where are all ya'll, out having fun on a friday night, instead of keeping me company online?
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back in Los Angeles! Seattle ROCKED my socks off. I ate more fish and more fantastic lovely food and met amazing wonderful people and created some good memories.

hee hee! can't wait to go back,  
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I made it back yesterday after too many stopovers, and I'm still extremely tired. I also did not get out of bed at 5 this morning to get my butt to the gym. The only good news is that I lost another 2 lbs from last wednesday, so even the over porkage and complete insanity of eating pizza for lunch, and TWO masala dosas for dinner, cooked by Mom (who does love me, but does not love my friends) did not seem to toss me off too much. :)

Traveling DOES screw with my blood sugar a bunch. Overnights were not good, and long flights with timezones changing was hard. I hope to get back to fasting BG's in the 90-110 range again, as I've been more like 130-150. :/


Jun. 21st, 2007 07:47 pm
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hoorah!!! I'm home, drinking plenty of water, doing laundry, petting the cats and warming up some naan and rajma for dinner. Originally, I was going to pack in the morning, for the trip, but I wanted to get an oil change, wash the car, get to Trader Joe's, and get some cash for the pet sitter and have someone else cook a meal for me on my way out. Plus I want to get to the gym in the morning too.

Did I mention that this daily going to the gym has meant that I'm now fitting into jeans two sizes smaller then 5 weeks ago? Definately, eating less, working out more and mixing it up is helping. Now if only this stupid cough would go away. Last weekend, my friends mentioned that its showing in my face too. No complaints here. :)

Trip packing:
Motorcycle helmet, boots, gloves, padded bicycle shorts, long sleeve cool shirt, neck gaiter
Sweat pants, a couple of tshirts, jeans, sneakers, underwear
meds, travelbuddy (teddy bear!), toiletries
promax bars, cooler, smart water, cytomax, some fruit, maybe I'll be bad and have some potatoe chips too.

On the way out, I'm stopping at Cycle Gear to get the moto socks, since I dont think I actually have any long enough.


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