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its raining today because I washed and cleaned my bike this weekend. There's oil leaking from 'somewhere' so I spent some quality time with nitrile gloves, degreaser and blue towels to clean off the bottom of the bike. P was nice enough to clean off the top of the bike, including all the bugs I picked up during Porterville. So nice of him! :)

The oil leak is from the crush washer, which is kind of a pain because I'll have to drop all the oil and replace the washer and put new oil in... I was bad, I didnt do that. I instead put more oil in the bike and P and I went for a short ride on sunday. :) Great fun, very little traffic because apparently everyone was at Laguna Seca. my bad was misjudging the time and I blew off my friends who were hosing a GP viewing party -- we got home just in time to watch it ourselves. DOH!

Ok. breakfast is finished -- I went to the gym this morning -- I couldnt find my heart rate monitor this morning, which is a pain in the butt -- its not on my desk so hopefully its upstairs in my messy bedroom.
30 minutes on the pre-cor, 2.2 miles.
Chest: Flyes: 25 lbs, 3 sets, 12 reps
incline press: 30 lbs, 3 sets, 12 reps
shoulder press: 30 lbs, 3 sets, 12 reps

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man, it was dumb of me to put the wood violin in to be repaired just as the holidays hits -- this is always the time for sneaky costs coming up.

But my 250-300$ repair of my old Lady Macbeth was tossed out the window when she was opened up:

this is what she looks like without her top and this is all the work that needs to be done -- all the little tags are cracks, or places that need filling.

No one's getting Xmas presents from me. Maybe Spring Presents. :) The labor of a good luthier is worth its minutes in precious metals, but after 20 years of ownership and 50 years on this planet, I think she deserves it.

On the electric violin side of things, I found a lot of my music from when I was a kid, and have been playing Gavottes and going through playing scales, more scales, and still more scales, but this time I'm thinking more about the patterns my fingers make during the scales, and I'm paying more attention to the minor scales. I'm gonna ask the guitar guys at work if I can borrow some effects pedals. Purple Haze, here I come!


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