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and didnt work out today. But I'm spending the evening painting walls, so maybe its not all bad.

I did however go mtn biking this weekend! it was tons of fun! It was really good to let go of the fear and relax into having a good time with it.

I also signed up for the ADA Tour De Cure coming up in May in Napa. I'd love for gentle readers to help me out with my personal goals with this, as well as support a good cause.

I'm sure y'all will be hearing lots more about this coming up.

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Last week was:

ReviewOMatic at work - some of the anon reviews were harsh. :( Boss was great tho, and pointed out the _same_ issues but in far more constructive ways.

Prop 8 passing - I feel like its time to come out of the closet in a lot of ways because of this. My dyke friends kind of laugh about this, because they never had a choice about being in a closet, but just 'cause I'm dating a guy right now doesnt mean that I'm not bisexual.

Panic triggered by certain speech patterns that Pat would do to me before reducing me to tears and making me admit I was wrong. (I had finally met someone MORE stubborn that me in that guy, and those things happened for over 4 years,) I had to remind myself that this was patrick, and this wasnt the same pattern.

Slamming into the communications wall. Finding out how much of a mushroom I had made myself, and still being depressed about my own inability to see past my nose or getting over myself.

Money stress - of course. urgh. so many bills to catch up on!

A real deep raging grief over things that never were and grief over things that I missed.

Feeling like I get no time at all with the people who are important to me, and no time at all for myself for the things I want to do.
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edited to add in all the TV shows I had to watch...


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