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Foremost expert on motorcycle accidents dies - RIP, Harry Hurt.

"Among the study's major findings were that speed was not a factor in most crashes; that helmets were effective in preventing brain injuries and deaths; and that two-thirds of motorcycle crashes involved cars and two-thirds of those accidents occurred when a car driver failed to see the motorcycle and violated the motorcyclist's right of way."

(Everytime I've read this, I've thought that cars should be banned. :p)

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At least for me. :) 
to long, didnt read...  )
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[ profile] crayonbeam  gave me this book ages ago, and I'm slowly working through it - it examines how humans think and react in dangerous or split second decision time and how some of our reactions will kill us because in the split-second, it wasnt the RIGHT ONE.

Last night was an almost example of that for me. :(

There's an intersection, I'm going to have to go check on, because this is about the fourth time someone has turned left right in front of me - I forget because I dont go that way often enough to remind myself that THAT intersection is dangerous, tho something inmy brain already knows because even with a green light, I had slowed down to enter the intersection.

A truck turns left in front of me. No problem, plenty of room, I'm going thru the intersection at about 25 mph. The second truck right behind doesnt stop but also turns left, now right in front of me. He apparently was looking at the vehicle ahead and not the intersection or oncoming traffic, and motorcycles just dont read as 'dangerous'...

Here's where I was stupid. I rolled off the throttle to grab for the brakes, even tho my momentum had put me RIGHT IN the path of the front of the grill of this large Ford F250. Realizing my error _almost_ too late, I roll ON the throttle hard to get the fuck out of the way of the truck. (who finally had seen me and slammed on HIS brakes.)

His reaction - slamming on his brakes - made up for my wrong split second decision (roll off, grab for brakes) and I had enough time to get out. No damage to me, or motorcycle except for my heart hammering in my throat. I pulled over to calm down my breathing and realize I couldnt remember what COLOR the truck had been, but had a clear vision of the grill.

Its been a few too many years since I've been on the track, and a few too many since I've read some relevant books on mental motorcycling. I have a feeling I know what I'm doing when I'm back east, motorcycle-less.

"when in doubt, gas it. It may not solve the problem, but it certainly ends the suspense."

I did tweet while pulled over, "God loves fools and small children. I havent been a child in a long time. Good news: no damage to me or motorcycle."

So cold...

Dec. 28th, 2008 01:06 pm
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what am i going to do when I actually get old? But I went on a motorcycle ride yesterday for the first time in forever. It was freezing, even with my new Christmas present Motorcycle Jacket (waterproof, windproof, lined) and winter gloves. About 3/4th of the way to Alice's Resturant, I was about to cry my fingers hurt so much from being cold.

BUT.. but, I was back on the motorcycle. I had missed her. I missed her beasty strength, her smooth ability to carve turns, to lean and lean left and right and left again.  You know, for all that I'm a big anti-romantic grouch, I really do like how I can fall in love again and again with the same people, or my motorcycle. (or with the people who helped me get this motorcycle...)

Anyway, avoiding gravel, wet spots, slick roads, all the issues of riding in weather like this - cold, damp, winter...
I still loved it. Rolling on the throttle in the turns, sitting upright when I was coming into the next turn, dropping my shoulder as I flicked the bar... all of it. Just moving forward again was good for me. My lungs were clear, my breathing good, my eyes were wide open and seeing everything.

Went to alice's  - met a fellow queer biker on a hayabusa, short ride with them, and split off to head on home. SO COLD that I had to hop in the shower to warm up afterwards. caught up with byronium, and went to visit basmati at her studio, and then off to get our toes done:

Off to a non-secular holiday party where I didnt eat the gingerbread, but ate plenty of lumpia and latkes, and then off to watch friends play a Rayman game on the Wii that was disturbingly funny. those dang bunnies and chickens!

Slept so well last night! and now today, after breakfast at Park Place (Hamlettes! so yum!) I went shopping for foods to make kale and bean soup, roasted root veggies, and  a roast chicken for dinner tonite. We might have bread. Or maybe someone can be convinced to make biscuits. :)
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its been a long week, and as usual, when I come out to see my bike sitting in her spot, I have to smile. All bright and yellow, as I'm unlocking her, the UPS guy asks me, "does that get you in trouble?" and I said, No, I get myself in trouble - the bike just listens to me, like a good girl.

And on the way home, we take turns, and my ass is sliding off the seat, as my knee hooks against the tank, and even tho its still in 2nd gear, and I've engaged the version of the ECU that makes it act like an sv650, there is plenty of power, and I spin the tires...

I'm looking forward to sunday - there is peace here, and a lack of thinking that's better than alcohol, (tho not as good as  great sex... but for too many years, this was the best thing I could do for myself.)

but every day, every day I ride to work, I have 20 minutes of this intense content concentration, in both directions, involving people talking to me at stop lights, or my body doing what it knows how to do better than my brain.

Parking her, and locking her up, I pet her, our little ritual as I cover her up, because she's a good girl and I want to keep her as safe as I can, even using her as hard as I can.

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30 minutes -- no idea how many in the zone because the heart rate monitor was freaking out. I did back: lat pulldows, rows and lower back extensions. Breakfast was cereal with soy milk again. :)

I realized that I dont enjoy riding my T5 to commute to things. I especially have trouble if I'm not wearing my motoport or full leathers -- I rode it back from the party on saturday, and was coming home around 4 am, and was freaking out because it was so dark and I wasnt wearing overpants. Having the mp3 player helped since I could turn it up and get lizard brain to STFU.

Its still got the oil leak, but its so slow that if I wait another month and just change the oil and filter, I think I'll be good. I still want  to clean it again, clean and lube the chain and check the coolant. Next time I'm home, I suppose.

The bad news is that I'm still under the weather. :( tho i'm getting plenty of sleep, I'm feeling really rundown and overly achey and my BG is still a little high.

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its raining today because I washed and cleaned my bike this weekend. There's oil leaking from 'somewhere' so I spent some quality time with nitrile gloves, degreaser and blue towels to clean off the bottom of the bike. P was nice enough to clean off the top of the bike, including all the bugs I picked up during Porterville. So nice of him! :)

The oil leak is from the crush washer, which is kind of a pain because I'll have to drop all the oil and replace the washer and put new oil in... I was bad, I didnt do that. I instead put more oil in the bike and P and I went for a short ride on sunday. :) Great fun, very little traffic because apparently everyone was at Laguna Seca. my bad was misjudging the time and I blew off my friends who were hosing a GP viewing party -- we got home just in time to watch it ourselves. DOH!

Ok. breakfast is finished -- I went to the gym this morning -- I couldnt find my heart rate monitor this morning, which is a pain in the butt -- its not on my desk so hopefully its upstairs in my messy bedroom.
30 minutes on the pre-cor, 2.2 miles.
Chest: Flyes: 25 lbs, 3 sets, 12 reps
incline press: 30 lbs, 3 sets, 12 reps
shoulder press: 30 lbs, 3 sets, 12 reps

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(I'm #7)

here's me on the track following Karin Oliver:

here's me looking in the right direction:
(gotta keep those elbows up!)

OMG, I look so fat. It must be 'cause I'm moving and blurry, right?

allright, here I am, leaning and stickin' out my leg:
here's another one:

omg, what am I doing looking at the camera??

I love this shot. The turn before is at tne bottom of the hill  where that pile of tires are-- for me to have been in that spot, I did that horrid hairpin right!


Jun. 21st, 2007 07:47 pm
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hoorah!!! I'm home, drinking plenty of water, doing laundry, petting the cats and warming up some naan and rajma for dinner. Originally, I was going to pack in the morning, for the trip, but I wanted to get an oil change, wash the car, get to Trader Joe's, and get some cash for the pet sitter and have someone else cook a meal for me on my way out. Plus I want to get to the gym in the morning too.

Did I mention that this daily going to the gym has meant that I'm now fitting into jeans two sizes smaller then 5 weeks ago? Definately, eating less, working out more and mixing it up is helping. Now if only this stupid cough would go away. Last weekend, my friends mentioned that its showing in my face too. No complaints here. :)

Trip packing:
Motorcycle helmet, boots, gloves, padded bicycle shorts, long sleeve cool shirt, neck gaiter
Sweat pants, a couple of tshirts, jeans, sneakers, underwear
meds, travelbuddy (teddy bear!), toiletries
promax bars, cooler, smart water, cytomax, some fruit, maybe I'll be bad and have some potatoe chips too.

On the way out, I'm stopping at Cycle Gear to get the moto socks, since I dont think I actually have any long enough.
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I'm watching the race from Silverstone. CRAZY how much water is on the track. :) I'm a bit behind, as this race was likely 5/29...
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The farmer's market near me has a lot of great different breads. Last week I had a dried cranberry and nut bread that was great with butter, or cream cheese, or jam, but with just me eating it, half the loaf went bad. :(

This week I got an old favorite, the dark russian bread. Its black and heavy and just wonderful toasted with cream cheese or butter. it went great with the TJ's lentil soup I had for lunch and now I'm FULL.

The farmer's market was an adventure. I love looking at all the neat new foods out there -- I picked up some Chinese Brocolli, which I'll be steaming tonite for dinner.  I walked, which is great until you think about walking back up my hill with two big bags of groceries. *huff puff huff puff* bad air quality wasnt helping me.

Sunday morning, got up early and could not for the life of me find my vanson leather pants. Seriously, its been so long that I've worn them, I think they are lost in the bottom of my closet. I gave up and got into my mesh HeinGericke gear and set off. Took an good 45 minutes to take muholland to the 405 mostly due to traffic getting up laurel canyon, but then a straight shot down sunset to the water. A quick jaunt up some tiny canyon road off of PCH which left poor P in a muddle -- something about coming down hill tight canyon roads throws off his vision -- kinda like me trying to go down a bunch of moguls, after a while there is too much to process.

Then we hopped on muholland and took it all the way to the end of PCH, where at parts, it turns into a 1.5 lane goat trail. I like it, but its hard on my forearms when I havent ridden in weeks.

PCH was great heading south, no traffic and lots of great ocean views. I got good clean air for a while there.
Back up sunset to WeHo.

It was  LONG ride. I left the house at 10 am, and got back after 4, tho that included a late lunch and P's neighbor's dog biting my boot (apparently she's afraid of bikes)
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So P showed up around 10 30, and we headed off -- sunset to PCH to Malibu Canyon whcih becomes Los Virgenes -- I finally saw the entrance to the Hindu temple -- will have to come back when I'm not wearing so much leather -- ohho, I fit into my leather pants and jacket, and a couple more pounds will let me put the back protector in (yayay! that means I'm back to a more 'normal' size for me!)

So Los Virgenes to Muholland to the Rock Store, where we saw a couple come in on cruisers, with their daughter on the back. I was happy to see both couple had on vanson jackets, and full face helmets, and the kidlet had on a real leather jacket, boots up oabove her ankles, gloves and a full face helmet as well.

I could see P getting a look. I'm thinking _he_ can have the cruiser, I'll show up on a sportbike. :)

Then back down muholland to topanga, to the Rib Shack for lunch, much eating and talking -- a moment occurred when the garbage truck pulled up next to our bikes -- there was a trash can there, and as we hopped up to tell them we'd move our bikes (I didnt know trash trucks ran on saturdays!) -- the robot arm shot out, grabbed the can and tossed it into the truck.

We just watched. doh!

nothing bad happened to the motorcycles, but yikes!

BBQ was good, (he'd had the tri tip and I'd had the steak sandwiches... yum!) we were full, took the bikes back from Muholland to Stunt Road up to whatever it is that leads to either Los Flores or Piume. We took Los Flores down and had a BLAST! whoohoo! tight turns and twisties, with a couple of places the road was washed out, so no one was going too quick...

back to the bottom, much cheering, we took PCH to sunset and I zoomed off home. (Have a dinner date at 5 30, quick nap time!)
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My friend Jodi is a member of the Ladies of Harley, and happens to know Debbie Evans ( ) and convinced her to come and talk to the LoH meeting. So... I.. Um. tagged along. I mean, y'all have seen the Matrix with the bike stunts, right? I knew she'd played Trinity riding the bike in that stunt with the cars and I really wanted to meet a 40-something mother of three who has done so much amazing stuff in her life

So I got to spend dinner with her, I got to sit next to her, and amazingly enough, she RECOGNIZED me from Ducati Revs America (30 lbs and much longer hair ago!)

The thing I noticed is 1. not many of the women asked her questions 2. the harley guys wanted to ask more about her injuries (which she has a few, but not many given her 28 years of doing this!) and I kept picking up on this weird thing. She's TINY -- maybe 5'3 or 5'4, and slender, blond and yet she carried herself so strongly, I think some of the guys were trying to ask questions to intimidate her, or put her down. She was too classy to let it get to her, but I wonder if it must get tiring.

She and I talked about racing, about trials riding, about getting her kids into the sport, her duc 996, and her husband's r1, all sorts of things. I wanted to hear more about how they do these stunts safely, and the lessons she learned growing up in the sport, and got to talk to her a bit about it during the dinner.

I gotta say, she was so laid back and very approachable, I invited her to FemMoto and told her about the LoLaBikers who were going. :) I hope she goes!


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