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My Suzuki GSXR1000 got knocked over by a neighbor in my parking lot a week ago, and it broke the clutch master cylinder assembly. (and leaked brake fluid all over the side of my  bike. :( ) 

I ordered a new assembly, but it comes 'dry' and the instructions say to take apart the internals and soak it in brake fluid before putting it back together and installing the clutch assembly and then bleeding it.

Not wanting to screw up the new 200$ part, I took apart the old clutch assembly to see how to put it back together, and I _cannot_ for the
life of me get the internal snapring back in. There's some expensive Suzuki tool, I'm sure...

So the question is - HOW critical is it to take that apart and soak the internals? Couldnt I get similar results just pouring brake fluid
thru the system and pumping it lots? (I know, dont make the obvious rude comment here!)

what i'm talking about are parts labeled: 2, 3, 4 and 5 that go INSIDE  part 1...


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I just bought the crazy Arai Corsair-V in platinum grey.

Its a stupidly expensive helmet. But it fit my head really well. And the weirdest thing, is as I'm riding on the street, I can FEEL the helmet squishing my cheeks and face, but I can't TELL I'm wearing a helmet. The facesheild is so clean and perfect, that while I'm riding, it feels like I"m not wearing anything on my head.

WEIRD. But no wind noise to speak of, and so far, noise isnt so bad. We'll see Saturday when I go test it out at more reasonable speeds.

Now to find retroreflective flowers for it.
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and was under the bay bridge this morning as I was riding into work. It was gorgeous - like punch me in the gut kinda gorgeous, just the mist and the bridge, and the cold clear morning, and I on my motorcycle.

This is the perfect weather - a little chill, clean, crisp air - what's missing are the Autumn leaves from New England.

My bad this morning was being so distracted by the fog and water and smell...

I almost didnt notice the Mercedes SUV come to a halt in front of me.

_almost_, because something noticed, and pulled on the brakes and clutch levers, and when my brain did engage, pulled _hard_ on the brake, so that I felt the weight shift forward and my rear wheel come up off the ground.

ok, really, dumbass. Tap the rear brake, feel the bike drop the rear tyre back  onto the pavement and I'm stopped, upright and safely. A little too close for comfort.

Note to self: Quit being an asshole and pay attention.


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