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Sunday was the 'pre wedding party' - started at 5 pm and ended around 10 pm, while the wedding the next day started around 730 am...

Of course there was food, and music that was crazily reminicsent of Jazz (Byronium thinks Coltrane's Acension) and again, tons of relatives. This was a smaller event, family only, and my cousin Joysthna (see her here: had come from Mangalore _just_ to see me! Awww. We had been born about 4 months apart, and our moms are sisters, so in our terms, we're cousin-sisters too. She really is the closest thing to a sister I had growing up. It was pretty emotional, actually for me, because she dressed me up in my sari on sunday night, and told me it was fun getting to help her "Akka" (older sister) out. Now you can see the height difference is pretty drastic, and everyone kept offering her a stool to stand on...

So here's me and [ profile] byronium : at the pre-wedding party. 

Part of the thing for the girls is to have 'mendhi' done - which is henna on the hands. I was nervous about having anything on my skin because of the crazy allergic reaction that my skin's been having to being in India but [ profile] sfracerx  and [ profile] fd_midori  both had it done. It came out amazing on their paler skin! 

Home late to get up early! (more later)

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Thursday and Friday were spent traveling - we went to Mysore on Thursday, leaving at 0-dark30 and arrived to visit some famous sites for the Tiger of Mysore: Masjid-e-Ala in Srirangapatna, Gumbaz, Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, and then in Mysore itself, the Palace, Chamundi temple, St Philomena's Cathedral, and then off to Bandipur to stay the National Forest (with tigers, boar and elephants, oh my!).

The next morning was a safari, and while we saw many traces of elephants, no elephants to be seen, tho plenty of chital, sambar, boar and peacocks and a few HUGE spiders.

Off to Ooty, tho on a stop for tea, we met a little old man who was walking down the path away from our stop by the river, and he gestured us to follow him. We did, down a stone stairway, past fields of what we realized later were tea plants, and down to see an amazing waterfall... we realized later that the old man was trying to tell us that it was a team plantation, and he worked there, and was bringing food back to the other workers in the fields far above us...

amazing moment, actually - he wouldnt take any money from us for showing us the lovely spaces.

Ooty was fun - the botanical gardens, street food, highest point in Tamil Nadu, crazy windy twisty moutain roads making us wish we had our motorcycles (sfracerx and I were nuts for it!) and the best part - the Tea Factory! we got to see tea made and bought some to bring home!

Drive home was kinda crazy in the gathering dark, driving thru the Western Ghats down windy twisty mountain roads until we finally got onto the 'freeway' - I'm glad I was alseep for a lot of this, Baskar, our driver, is amazing and I'm glad my uncle lent us him...

Yesterday (saturday) was my Aunt Premelatha's 50th wedding anniversery, and so the whole gang went to the party - many cousins were there, but some remembered [ profile] byronium from the event last sunday, and everyone seemed to get along fine.

Amusing stories later to tell about my Amma figuring out who byronium really was - I got snapped but good. It was fantastic getting to see her, tho and I'm glad we're getting to spend some time with her.

Today - waiting for Amma to arrive, and then off to brunch, and some more light shopping. I want to make sure I'm rested up for the party tonite and the big wedding tomorrow...

Some pics available at:


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