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I've lost 18 lbs since starting the Victoza, lost about 3 dress sizes, and that's not really the good part. :) the good part? My HbA1C is 5.9. Average people, normal people, have A1C's of 4 - 5.9. :) 

My doc said his day was made at how well I'm responding to the medication and how happy I seem to be on it.

Some tweaks to see if I can get my fasting sugar lower, but otherwise, keep on keeping on! 
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Some of you may remember my experiement last year with Byetta - I was entirely off of insulin for about 3 weeks!
I also lost like 20 lbs in about that same 3 weeks, and felt terribly nauseous and tired the ENTIRE time. I eventually had to go back onto insulin and off of byetta, because I couldnt get over the terrible side effects of the drug. My favorite part of this was -getting to skip meals-.

So a new one has come out, Victoza - I'm trying that now, and so far, so good. I am slightly sick to my stomach, and have a raging headache, but its completely dealable. Blood sugars are great.

So, we'll see. Another week of taking half the insulin and then I'll up the dosage of Victoza and stop taking insulin entirely.

the good news also is that my appetite is suppressed, so these last few lbs I need to drop should also come off!
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Help me get to my goal!
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I've been having terrible nightmares and having a ton of trouble sleeping.

This holiday season in particular, I'm having a _ton_ of trouble dealing with the Holiday Sugar Craze. As I'm continuing this journey on maintaining good blood sugar control, overindulging is now even more obvious in the immediate - high blood sugars make me feel like _crap_ and trigger lows that make me feel worse.
I know people are trying to be nice and generous during this time, but I really really do not want to go down into the kitchen at work, and am happy I'm avoiding being in the office today as its apparently "Cake Day" - already, gingerbread cookies, cinnamon rolls, muffins, various chocolate cakes are being advertised on the local office mailing list. I love gingerbread. LOVE it. :(

I dont know why in particular its so difficult this year, but I just wanted to note it to comment to myself.

(Results from the doc are in, my internal estimates were correct, just a boot to the ass to get myself in gear again regarding being consistent about exercise.)

Upcoming: starting to keep a food log, keeping up on the exercise log and bg logs - looking back at my bg / exercise logs, I can see where I'm falling off, and the correlation between the two.


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