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This week isnt our anniversary, but it was four years ago that Byronium and I went out on our first date. I'm still and continue to be so happy, in love, and joyful that we're together. :) 

Friday, I was having trouble eating. I had gotten into this state where nothing sounded good, but I needed to eat, so I’d just get so MAD at the food for not tasting as I wanted it. Its annoying and stressful, because I have to eat, and I want / need to eat well and healthy, but when I get into this tug of war with food not TASTING good even if its good for me, I end up just being a cranky whiney little bitch about the whole thing.

First world problem indeed. I’m grateful and fortunate that I can have this issue. Still doesn’t make it easier for my emotional side to deal with.

Steak sounded good. The only places I trusted to make steak that wouldn’t disappoint were booked up. Except one. Bourbon Steak. A slightly pricier place to go and eat than I’d have hoped, but still, remembering from last time, we decided on an appetizer, two sides and splitting one entrée with a couple of drinks would make sense. (its still expensive. Don’t get me wrong. But I hadn’t actually eaten any food in about three days that didn’t make me want to puke up, so frankly, the expense was worth it.)

Every bite was delicious. From kumomoto oysters, half a chilled, cleaned crab (yay for the 1st crab of the year being PERFECT!), my amazingly perfect bourbon drink, steak perfectly rare and marbled and soft. All these things died well and I am a lucky lucky person. Did I mention truffle mac and cheese? And duck fat fries? DUCK FAT FRIES. Everything I put in my mouth made me happy, tasted good, and didn’t upset my body at all.

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 I did a metric century bicycle ride at the start of the month. Rides of 20-30 miles are easy enough to do these days without huge amounts of prep or even better,  recovery. I think I've got most of the food issues with using Victoza under control, and the things I felt like I needed a ton of support around with @byronium are mostly under control. 

My next goals are to start riding with other people who are better than me, not just @byronium - I"m holding HIM back in his riding because of his having to take care of me, and I finally feel good enough I can do this more on my own. I'm excited about this feeling of comfort for me around bicycling. My coworkers are getting more adamant about my trying it too. :) 

To make things more exciting, @byronium suggested he train for the 100 mile ride during the Napa Tour De Cure. :) I dont know yet if I'll try that, but I do want to sit with him and create the training plan and see if we / he can stick with it to do it. 

I know I can do the 50, no problem. Its flat! I think I can do the 80, so that's what I was aiming for, but for a century, this one isnt bad, especially with the elevation profile. 

I'm already signed up, btw: if you feel like helping me out with a donation. What I'd love help with this year is coming up with a plan to actually raise money. Wine and Art broke even, and I'm not sure if its because I didnt advertise it well, or what, but I need some marketing / fundraising help!! 

I'm looking forward to skiing this year! The season should be fun. 
I've also got my swim stuff together, so as soon as @llamaeyes is feeling well enough (or if someone else can) I'd like a few lessons to learn to paddle and breathe at the same time. :)

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Last year, I did the Medio Fondo in a haze of depression, and sadness - I hadnt really been biking much after the awesome ride I had with the Tour de Cure and was completely unprepared for the ride - I struggled so much, and was finally done in by my body just giving up, ever muscle spasming and cramping. Coleman valley Road had become a symbol of this failure of mind, body and my ability to prepare for something. 

This year, practicing for the Tour de Cure, I was still struggling with cramps and issues with muscles giving out when I was doing rides longer than 30 miles. Blood levels all came back normal, so I've been uber careful with keeping hydrated and keeping lots of electrolytes in my system. 
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Happy 1 year Anniversary to my  Specialized Dolce!  We've come a long way, baby. :) 

Last year, [ profile] byronium  and I drove up to Portland, OR to do the Bridge Pedal. I had so much fun, I wanted to do it again, only this time, other people joined us! (YAY, RR!) 

This year, the trip didnt go as smoothly - byronium ate something that really didnt agree with him at all - he spent most of the weekend severely ill! He was still so sick Sunday morning, I had to go on my own -  nervewracking for me! But it wasnt at all bad, I followed other people heading to the start and found a whole lot of people. It was about 7 am, so didnt want to wake anyone, so tweeted instead.

The ride itself went really amazingly well - not at all hard, the hills werent bad at all. The biggest drawback - it started raining! I wasnt wearing long sleeves, or carrying a jacket, so I just got wet. Ooops. (I bought a lightweight jacket this weekend!)

I wore my Red Rider shirt from the ADA ride, not realizing the back of it says, "I ride with Diabetes" - I had a lot of people come by or as I passed them yell out "Go Red Rider!" or tell me they were riding with diabetes too. It was super touching and very emotional for me. Brought back a lot of great memories from the ride in May...

The views from the tops of the bridges were great, but I'd forgotten my camera in [ profile] littletranquil 's car (doh) and didnt have any good way of getting pictures.

I also did pretty well timewise - its a 23 mile ride, and I did it in around 2.5 hours - including stops, resting, looking at views, trying to get my cell phone to work! 

I'm glad I went, even tho I was nervous doing it on my own. I'm looking forward to more rides. :) My dolce and I have a few more years together! 

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In just four short days, I'll be up in Napa for my third time ever, spending the day with hundreds of other cyclists riding in the Tour De Cure in Yountville,  a ride sponsored by the American Diabetes Association to raise money and awareness for diabetes research.

Rough, right? I'll be doing wine tours, on Saturday and Monday, riding my bike on Sunday, eating at the great restaurants in Yountville during the weekend... but what brought me here was not just that I myself have been actively struggling with diabetes but that family members are also being diagnosed. I was diagnosed at 22, at a point in my life where I was very active, in good shape, and not at all overweight. I ignored it for years, barely taking notice of it, much to the distress and distancing of very good friends and loved ones back east. It wasnt until some more severe health issues occurred that I started taking it seriously, and taking care of myself. I'm still not where I want to be - but I'm further along than before! taking the step to do this ride has encouraged me and my friends and loved ones to start riding our bicycles, and I dont think we'll be stopping when we are done up in Napa.

One of the best parts of this ride has been the encouragement of my endocrinologist to start up with a medication that has taken me off of insulin for the first time in _years_. I'm able to eat and process food like a 'normal' person! I can skip meals! I'm able to eat pasta! I'm not having blood sugar lows! (or extraordinary highs either!) This has been _amazing_ - those final pounds I've been unable to lose due to taking insulin are coming off, and while its not a cure, I may have found another method of maintaining my blood sugar that is really good for me and works!

I may never be able to undo all the harm I did to myself not quite understanding what it meant to have diabetes as a young woman -  I already have neuropathy in my extremities and may continue to lose feeling in my limbs, but I can and have made a continued commitment to caring for my body, for my health and continuing to look forward to living an active, healthy lifestyle.

Just 4 more days!  If you want to help, please donate even the cost of a cup of expensive, san francisco style, barista pulled, sustainably grown by monks in high mountains, cup of coffee (have you been to Four Barrel, Barefoot, or Philzz?) - if you do, I'll make you a cup of one of those fancy coffees. Folks who donate more than 50 dollars and are local to the bay area, I'll be happy to cook you a healthy, yummy fantastic South Indian feast (sometime in late june or early july): just click here:

with much love to you all for reading this far,
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Next week is the Tour De Cure for the ADA in Napa. I'm signed up to do 50 miles. I'm _excited_ about this - so this weekend, we drove up there to try and do about 40 miles along the route - which is by far the longest ride I've ever done. I've been not as consistent as I'd like about training, but feel confident that now that the bicycle fits, the shoes clip out and in easily, that this will be hard but not insane.

40 was hard - I did have some leg / thigh muscles cramp up due to lack of potassium - but plenty of electrolytes and stretching during the stops I made it to about mile 35, where I really just thought I might curl up and die - I was _tired_ - but I remembered this episode of Radio Lab that Byronium had played for me about how our bodies basically fool us into not using our 'last reserves' or that we often have much more endurance than we think we do.  ( ;) *edited to add* So I pushed on, and had my very first endorphin high while exercising - suddenly, I felt great! My pedaling was stronger, and more consistent, and I felt like I could go on forever. So I didnt stop until I got to the end and then drank more cytomax than I thought possible. :-) It was a really neat experience! 

One great accident on this ride was putting my foot down, slipping and FALLING INTO THE ROAD. You know, the one called Silverado where cars whiz by!  I manage to get up and in my excitement, flung my glove someplace. So I rode back all Michael Jackson style.

The best part was coming into the finish, seeing llamaeyes, byronium and anthropomorphic cheer for me. :) I did pretty good!

Today, my legs are sore from where the muscles cramped and the bottoms of my feet hurt (I think from the shoes) but mostly I remember passing orange roses, lots of poppies, and miles of vineyards...

This week, tuesday, another short ride, and thursday too. Stretching all this week, and drinking lots of cytomax and smartwater.


Blood sugars are awesome! weight keeps melting off, things keep moving in the right direction.

One more week to help me:


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