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Big huge monster thanks to the gang at PP: crayonbeam, the Bell, ratwerks, basmati for letting me come in and mess up the kitchen; as well as agentkillerbuffy, byronium, jong, skud, and voyeurprincess for joining us!
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Yesterday, I sort of shocked myself by realizing how attractive she is. That's a nice feeling. I can't remember the last time I was actual content with how I looked.

I hit a wall yesterday with exhaustion - I thought I've been sleeping enough, but missing my afternoon nap yesterday was killer. By the time I got to dinner at Tsuname, I was wilting. I really really wanted to see Kaki King - the guitar playing I'd seen was pretty awesome, but standing outside the independent, I started to panic at the people and being trapped in a building. I was also falling asleep standing up, I'm not good at being this tired anymore.

Lovely dinner with byronium and rhiannonstone, tho again, sad that I didnt join them for the concert. I did the right thing, heading home, I was tired enough that my reflexes were a little off - I almost slipped on the train tracks and I almost dropped the bike at the intersection.

Sleep was illusory - I kept waking up every few hours, paniced, anxious; I'm sore and achey today, moving slowly.

The good news is that a year ago this weekend, I left Los Angeles, and came to SF. I'm fortunate, beloved, loved; I'm employed by a company that takes care of its employees; I'm healthier and getting better all the time.

Things are settling into a good pattern for me, I'm glad that its doing that.
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I was being gushy about a relationship recently, and how wonderful they are to me, and I was stopped in my tracks by the statement, "Of course they are amazing and wonderful. They are with _you_, and you are yourself amazing and wonderful, and you demand, require and deserve nothing less from the people who love you,"
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Yea, I think that fits. On many sides of the equations.
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I send this New Year's wish to everyone who reads my little journal --

May the best of this past year be the worst of the year to come,
May life share its blessings and you walk in peace, health and grace,
May you get exactly what you need and not necessarily what you want
May we become better friends,

with love always,

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I've been checking out this blog:

for a couple of days, and I really love this idea.

So from today's Quiz:


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