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Sunday: 10 miles involving some crazy elevation changes!  Having higher air pressure really helped.

Today: 4 miles on the stationery with some slight hills. I can knit and bicycle at the same time. I'm enjoying getting this hat finished.

Fasting blood sugars, even with eating late last night: 104

edited to add: 
I was really depressed during the bicycle ride on Sunday - I felt so fat and out of shape and sluglike and angry at myself - I almost didnt enjoy it. During one of the my panting over the handlebar stops, I talked to byronium about whether HE was stressing about the ride in two weeks, and (reason 49541 why he's one of my best friends) he says, "No." Points out there are SAG trucks, and he'll do what he can and enjoy himself.

I realized that if it sucked, we could always call someone from Park Place to come get us, or he could go back and get hte car and get me, so I quit worrying about the ride so much, and concentrated on enjoying it and working on using the pedals more efficiently.
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fast bg was 91! whoohoo!

kept breakfast light, soy milk and toast.
lunch looks to be a powerbar, simply because I'm not hungry but I must eat something.

more resumes sent out, some calls gotten!
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I had a good day today -- it didnt start out feeling like it would be. I had a raging headache, I was achey and tired. I felt like crap. But I went anyway, and boy am I glad I did. 3 miles, 40 minutes, some hills. Still feeling achey, but I made some yummy dosas for breakfast (tho I'm not as good as the lovely [profile] basmati at making them) am drinking a lot of water and have an easy day of sending out more resumes and reading how to do the wash. :)

blood sugar was a little high: 140 this am, but its been a really great 91-110 this past week!

This week: Mac Store, oil change, new bicycle tires.
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ok, getting to the gym was harrowing -- really deep fog. Must get my foglights fixed. Perhaps this weekend!

45 minutes, 3.2 miles. TV was dull dull dull. Wish I could throw a dvd in! :)
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today was the first day in two weeks it was hard getting up to go to the gym. For some reason after therapy last night, my mind wouldnt stop spinning and I couldnt wake up. But I did make it to the gym at 5:40 am, and did 45 minutes including 2 sprints on the pre-cor. 3.8 miles, mostly 'in the zone'. Then upstairs for back, I love rowing! :) Lat pulldowns, rows, and back extensions.

I was pretty sleepy driving into work and had to take a nap in my car at lunch.
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I mean, mostly, its a drag, right? Having to get up and go to the gym, blah blah blah. But today, I woke up, looking forward to it. My muscles were al ittle sore and tired from the weekend of hard riding and hard (for me) partying, and I wanted to sweat out the hard cider and beer I'd been drinking with some good old fashioned water. :)

I did 35 minutes on the precor at a good pace (almost 3 miles, which for me is pretty good, I usually only get about 2.5)
then upstairs for some shoulder and chest exercises, really feeling all those muscles moving and sliding against each other and working nicely, and then back down for another 10 minutes on the pre-cor again -- I got to almost a mile. :)

amazingly, I can't wait to get up tomorrow and do it again.

:) I keep telling myself, I can do anything for 6 weeks!


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