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Tonite  is Shiva's night, an evening commeorating one of the three major gods in the Hindu Pantheon.

A long time ago, the Devas and Asuras decided they needed to get Amrit, the nectar of immortality - and the way they got it was by taking a mountain, placing it in the the back of a giant turtle (an Avatar of Vishnu) in the ocean and using the Vishnu's snake to churn the ocean.

While they are churning, the Universe sends out all sorts of obstacles to scare them off. One was a giant pool of poison that threatened to kill all the Devas and Asuras, as well as destroy the three worlds.

Shiva came out into the water, and drank the poison. His wife, Parvati, held his throat so he wouldn't actually swallow it, turning his throat blue. He is named 'Blue Throat' in Sanskrit as well.

There are other stories of Shiva in his aspect of Nataraja (lit. "Lord of dance") doing the famous Tandava, describing the stages of the Universe - creation, preservation, destruction. I found a bunch of cool stories here:

Unlike a lot of other holidays, this one doesnt have a lot of food and celebration. Most devotees fast (I wont be. blergh!) and pray all day/ night, washing their statues of Shiva with milk, honey, water, offering flowers, fruit. I'll be going to Yoga, which seems to be exactly the right thing to do. 

Its on the night of the new moon, which can symbolize a time for "evil forces" – desire, greed, illusion, arrogance, jealousy, and anger to take control. My intention tonite is to  ask for strength to see through the 'evil' and find the truth. I dont believe in 'dispelling' emotions, or that they are in themselves 'evil' - how we act on them can be seen as good or evil, but the feelings themselves are all good, all from our purest self - they are signals to us to search for the truth. 

Shiva means your very self, the purest Self, your innermost core. Shiva means good or benevolent. The word ratri in Sanskrit means that which relieves you from three types of agony – ethereal, mental and material. At night everything becomes quiet and peaceful. The body gets tired and goes to sleep. ‘Shivaratri’ literally means that night which infuses the Shiva tatva or the transcendental principle to the three instruments: the body, mind and speech. – Sri Sri Ravishankar

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Yum. In a word. We went to L'ardoise last night for dinner.

My only complaint - dont be seated anywhere near the door on a cold night - my feet got so cold I could barely walk in my heels as it hurt so much. :( but [ profile] byronium  got the car for me after dinner, so it was good...

[ profile] whipartist  had recommended the Tiger Prawn ravioli, and she was right - I had about two of 'em and had to give the rest to B - they were so good, I wasnt sure I could stop eating them - really delicate pasta with prawns, dill and cooked really beautifully... the soup of the day was cream of cauliflower soup, which was also tres yum. I like cauliflower a lot, but often forget to buy it or cook it. This was a good reminder.

[ profile] byronium  of course kept bringing up "Spicy Pony Head" lines as part of dinner. I hope the waiters never heard him.

We split a bottle of Rousset 2005 Crozes-Hermitage which went really well with both our main courses - b (lovingly predictable) got the duck leg confit. I got the special, 'beef stew' which was a paprika based stew, and the waiter actually called it 'goulash' when he delivered it. I got a weird kick out of that.

*sigh* the stew had tiny bits of mellow garlicy shallots and just amazing flavour from the beef and wine. The meat was fork tender, and the small amount of mashed potatoe and garlicy steamed spinach was just the right accent.

moar wine! and bites of duck, but back to the beef stew in its warm winter night perfection...

Funny moments - we're all on top of one another, its a french bistro, right? The couple to my left seemed a little put out by how nicely both B and I were dressed, and even more so when we started thumb wrestling after dinner before dessert. (what can I say? apparently I like to lose at thumb wrestling...)  but the thing that made me laugh was her loud statement that they ought to stick to American or South American wines from now on, as these French ones were TOOO hard to pronounce.

The couple on the right apparently had a tough time making themselves understood to their waiter regarding their wine. He wanted a glass of the house red, and they showed up with the bottle, and then never came back with the glass. I felt bad for him, but in that 'watching a trainwreck' kinda way.

our dinner was good. Again, its a french resturant, so what'd we have for dessert? Guess?

well, maybe you dont know me that well, but if its not chocolate, I like apples! Tart Tatin - carmelized and sweet without being cloying and overly so... now I'm thinking about making an upside down something soon. :) 

I was pretty tired out from this week, so home home home to deliver my lunchtime walk purchase of Recchiuti chocolates and fell over.
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I still havent posted about eating at Lulu's in SoMa last week, but dang, go and have the mussels. mmm. mussels...

anyway, last night, we went to Front Porch for dinner, and while we've beeen going for a while, they've changed some things on their menu...

Crab Grits - oh dear gods, it tasted good before, its AMAZING now.  The grits are creamy and perfect, the crab topping is spicy and flavourful without being fishy. I couldnt stop eating it.

We ordered our usual - Fried Chicken, which is also amazing, as usual. This time its spicier than its been in the past, tho byronium got all the leftovers, I'm not sure how good it is today. I bet its awesome. dang it, should have stolen some for myself! 

The red beans and rice that comes with it wasnt mixed together, its a dirty rice with soft seperate grains of long grain rice, and the redbeans were cooked with pork belly, with bits of it on top...
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