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Feb. 24th, 2007 09:54 am
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Cold is not so good for asthma. Cold plus trying to go up a hill that was steeper then I realized.. also not so good. My first attempt at a hillclimb was a failure -- I made it up about half way and couldnt breathe anymore. So COLD! My fingers were frozen, I dropped my asthma inhaler. Fortunately, I dont get paniced when I have an asthma attack, and can calm my breathing enough to deal with stupid things like dropping my inhaler...

I pushed my bicycle up the rest of the hill and kept on going. Tomorrow, if its 42 degrees again, I'll dig out fleece, windproof spring ski gloves.

a few more puffs after I got warm in the car, I came home to a warm bath and to start my day.

Since the sun is setting later, I may take my bicycle to work this week and try checking out the local bicycle trails. In Chino. sheesh.
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P had class today, so after getting him out the door safely around 5 30 am (yikes) I took my time and got to the reservoir around 830 am after cleaning out my car and moving things around the garage. Then back home and in the shower and off to find the hollywood bicycle shop -- I was unsuccessful, but all my shopping and all was completed around 11 30, so all my days errands are done! :) I've been a SLUG for the rest of the day, but I think two laps around the flat part of the reservoir are pretty good.

My goal is three laps tomorrow or maybe taking on a slight hill. :) I"m still pretty fuzzy on making turns, but I think that tomorrow I'll hit sports chalet and get a real pair of bicycle shorts. I'm too lazy feeling to go today since I couldnt find the one in Hollywood.



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