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It had been a super long week - just with work and trying to figure out a schedule that would work to make sure that Byron can do enough riding to get into doing a Century in May, and making sure I get to spend SOME time in my place in SF, and he gets time in RWC.

the big news for him is that his work is changing - and later this year, moving to Campbell, CA. I'm thrilled that he'll be working someplace that wants to grow the business he's been in for a few years, but completely unthrilled about the new long commute for him.

I'm sure we'll work it out!

I have a love / hate relationship with Redwood City. I like that there is a house with a garage. I hate that its so far from SF. I do love the weather tho for bicycling!

If only I could fold space and time. :) (I'd have other problems with that if I did tho.)

Friday: picked up groceries at whole paycheck - found sardines! they were cute! I even touched one. No, really, I picked it up and waved it at the cats when I came home. Then I squealed like a little girl, dropped it, and ran away.

I made baked ziti with meatballs, sausage, cheeses and sauce. Byron spatchcocked a chicken (his name was colin, and he lived a very happy life.) and cooked the little sardines. The kittens were very very happy with sardine guts and chicken livers. So sated and exhausted, it was lovely to fall asleep with my favorite mammals. :)

Saturday morning moved a little slowly - we took our time getting out of the house - it was supposed to be about a 2 hour ride, and I was pretty nervous. I'd done maybe 45 minutes to an hour the week before, so who knew how it might be! I kept telling Byronium that at worst, I'd just turn around and go home when I hit my limit, it was all 'downhill' from there!

Except it wasnt that bad. Even the hills that usually have annoyed me. Then we hit Sand Hill Road, and byronium points out that we could go that way and try and make it to woodside. There's a short steep hill, he said. I think, Ok! I can turn around! its all downhill from here! and we head up. Sandhill up to 280 is kind of a pain, but I had it in a tiny gear and was keeping my cadence up to 85.

Apparently concentrating on that is actually pretty good at distracting from the hills. I had a lot of stuff coming up tho, I think, a result of the predisone in my system kinda churning up a lot of emotional turmoil. But it was great to let it just churn, and breathe it out.

We got to the top of Sand Hill Road and 280, and that was still kinda annoying but more 'cause my calf cramped up. We stopped for a bit, let me rub the muscle, drank more cytomax, and I stretched.

The weather and views were gorgeous. So so pretty to be out today. My lungs were so clear and so happy, I was almost crying with how happy I was to be moving. Thank you, body! Thank you, lungs!! (and always, thank you, dearest @byronium for being so supportive)

when I hit the top of the hill before Whiskey Hill, I suddently realized also, I was warmed up - and started pedaling like I meant it - I didnt slow down and turned onto Whiskey HIll, heading towards another long slow hill. Again, so happy I could almost cry, feeling blood and muscle and air and joy just moving exactly the way they are supposed to!

The views of horses and long rolling hills was again, gorgeous, and @byronium warned me about this one last steep hill I'd have to deal with before woodside. I started pedaling and just kept going... suddenly, it seemed, as if no time had gone by, I saw Woodside ahead of me.

I stopped and let @Byronium catch up and asked him: "Where was the steep hill?"

he looked at me like I was insane, and pointed out that we'd actually just ridden it.

Hrm. i hadnt noticed. I mean, it wasnt worse than any hill I'd done already. I could do that again.

Success was coming back so fast I didnt realize how far we'd gone!

Home, shower, food - we packed up the cats, and headed north to SF - we had dinner plans with some friends. It was at dinner, that I realized there were hills on this ride, because my legs were starting to cramp a lot. Dinner was nice, but the pain was distracting, so we left early, and headed home - I watched @byronium play Soul Calibur 5 and knitted more on a baby blanket.

Sunday: @byronium and @llamaeyes were having their birthday party at Dave and Buster's in San Jose. Piled a ton of people in a car, and headed south. Ended up playing Fruit Ninja with @crayonbeam's max, which resulted in his kicking my butt. Spnt most of the time spilling other people's drinks, trying to stab byron with the cake knife, and being a little overwhelmed by the noise.

BUT, more importantly, @byronium and @llamaeyes had a great time! and everyone else who came seemed to as well!

Byronium, ClaireseM and Peter and I came back to my place, ordered indian food, and I ate until I was stuffed, and fell over - and they all played soul calibur again until they were bored. :)

It was nice having a bunch of folks in the house.

So all in all, a really great weekend. So glad to be back bicycling. Looking forward to next weekend!

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