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 I did a metric century bicycle ride at the start of the month. Rides of 20-30 miles are easy enough to do these days without huge amounts of prep or even better,  recovery. I think I've got most of the food issues with using Victoza under control, and the things I felt like I needed a ton of support around with @byronium are mostly under control. 

My next goals are to start riding with other people who are better than me, not just @byronium - I"m holding HIM back in his riding because of his having to take care of me, and I finally feel good enough I can do this more on my own. I'm excited about this feeling of comfort for me around bicycling. My coworkers are getting more adamant about my trying it too. :) 

To make things more exciting, @byronium suggested he train for the 100 mile ride during the Napa Tour De Cure. :) I dont know yet if I'll try that, but I do want to sit with him and create the training plan and see if we / he can stick with it to do it. 

I know I can do the 50, no problem. Its flat! I think I can do the 80, so that's what I was aiming for, but for a century, this one isnt bad, especially with the elevation profile. 

I'm already signed up, btw: if you feel like helping me out with a donation. What I'd love help with this year is coming up with a plan to actually raise money. Wine and Art broke even, and I'm not sure if its because I didnt advertise it well, or what, but I need some marketing / fundraising help!! 

I'm looking forward to skiing this year! The season should be fun. 
I've also got my swim stuff together, so as soon as @llamaeyes is feeling well enough (or if someone else can) I'd like a few lessons to learn to paddle and breathe at the same time. :)

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