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Saturday night was awesome – Byron had thawed out some meatballs, and Clairese cooked the spaghetti and meatballs for us, as well as made an awesome salad. So yum. We ate too much. Big huge monster thanks to Clairese for all her support – feeding us, as well as being super supportive.

Sunday, woke up at 630 am, checked my blood sugar: normal for me, 133
read Clairese’s note on the board wishing us luck, felt the love!

Started drinking cytomax, and had 1/3 cup of slow cooked oatmeal with about a tablespoon of peanut butter and some brown sugar. Just enough to fill me up! Hopefully not enough to slow me down later with the digesting.

Loaded up the bikes and headed to Palo Alto… I started feeling nervous – I’ve been really struggling with panic attacks around riding my bicycle, and after talking with my dr about this, had tried on a few rides before, taking something to reduce the anxiety. Its actually been working really well. I CAN ride my bicycle, I just have occasional overwhelming fears that devolve into utter panic when I don’t need that reaction. Slowly, its abating, but its going to take more bike rides that push those boundaries. (which really, aren’t that bad, considering – 30 miles of rolling hills is doable on my style of bike, and when I’m not freaking out, I can average about 12 – 14 mph, 18 on the flats… )

I’m very grateful that Byron didn’t do the 75K ride and did the 50Km with me instead. It was good to have his support especially in the last few km when my legs started cramping up. I drank tons of electrolytes, but I think I hadn’t eaten enough of my cliff blocks. Still need to get back to the Endo to check those levels to see what’s up with that – sometimes its fine, sometimes, its insane. Today, my legs are still a little swollen from the bad cramping!

Good thing was no panic about riding, getting to a spot to stop, being able to stop, going fast downhill, all of that. I actually went fast enough downhill that I couldn’t pedal in the big rings! that was amazing, actually countersteering around the curves. So happy!

Funny moment getting into Woodside, there was someone BBQ’ing, and normally that would be ok, but my stomach was being very sensitive and I almost threw up from the smell. Another moment was a bicyclist who wasn’t on the ride with us, was parked on the side of the road and did this thing where he blew his nose to clear it just as I was riding past (he did it on the other side away from me, fortunately) but something about the noise also just made me actually retch while riding. I love Victoza, I love how its working for me, but these funny side effects of smells and being occasionally easily nauseated is really funny/sad/annoying, but mostly funny.

(that poor bicyclist, can you imagine if I’d actually barfed right next to him? heh.)

BTW: Blood sugar during the ride was also consistent, within 110-135 on my meter.

It was also great having people being so supportive, yelling ‘go red rider’ or saying it as I passed them, or they passed me. Byron was also awesome in cheering other riders along as well.

The hills weren’t terrible, they were completely doable, and it will be exciting to start pushing myself up steeper hills. There’s a 60 mile ride in the fall that I’ve already signed up for – its really going to be tough, so its time to up that ante in terms of working on hills.

So thank you again, everyone, for texting, tweeting, FB'ing, emailing me supportive messages while I was doing the ride. Thank you everyone for donating, and being super supportive in general. I'm so happy to be doing this for myself, and for continuing to get better at doing riding my bicycle!
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