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Birthday Week update!

Sunday, June 5, Byron and I held a small silent auction of wine and yarn donated by friends. The turnout was smaller than I'd hoped, but we got a good return on our wines and much of the yarn.

Big thanks to @rhiannonstone, @llamaeyes, @clairesemarie, @danalamb, @ljellis for all coming out, bidding and supporting us. Also, this couldnt have happened if @seccessionsf and @basmatiheather hadnt donated the space (as well as lovely items!)

it went well, and it was a grand way to start out my birthday week. @clairesemarie was nice enough to cook us dinner that night with leftover meats and cheese - fancy grilled cheese and soup! So yum, and its always nice to have someone else cooking. :)

Monday - I gave notice at work! Why yes, I'm leaving Lithium Technologies and going to SAY:Media as a program manager. I'm very excited - I think this is a good move for me, and I'm glad to be getting back to Scrum, rapid deployments, and not to mention, staying in San Francisco - my foray into working across the bridge in Emeryville, as well as customer facing deployments wasnt as much fun for me as I thought it would be, tho I'm rather proud of the work we completed in the past few months.

Wednesday, I took the afternoon off to go down to Palo Alto to try doing the worst part of the actual ride - I was struggling with the fact we didnt get to ride the weekend before, and having actual nightmares about the ride - some things keep coming up from previous falls, hill climbs, feeling like a failure at this bike riding thing, being unable to get past some of the fears to just ride...

It was a really good plan!! We rode up the section of Alpine and Portolo that I was worried about, and I didnt have any trouble at all. Byron followed behind me and yelled tips about shifting and when, which also helped.

I felt so good after this, I spent the next few days stretching and getting psyched to do the 50km with hills and all.

Thursday was my birthday! there was cake! and roses! and we went to a fundraiser at Yoshi's where Byron ended up doubling our entry but we were too late to bid on any of the wine or weekend items they had up for silent auction, but we did get to see English Beat play - I really enjoyed that.

Friday, I worked from home, a little hung over from Thursday - and because I needed to go to the DMV to get my new driver's license, and register my motorcycle. That was 'fun'. Not. But at least with an appointment, its just waiting in a few lines.

I wonder what my new picture will look like with my hair still in messy pigtails.

Then I headed over to SAY:Media for their friday happy hour. My friend Patti introduced me around to everyone, which was great! I'm excited to have the chance to work with these folks, and it was nice to get a leg up on the ones I hadnt met yet.

Home, a little headachey, I was working on some knitting with the Awesome Housemate came home - she ended up cooking me dinner (yay!) and we watched movies all night - including "how to train your dragon", which was full of awesome, and the rest of Zombieland, which I hadnt realized was SO FREAKING FUNNY! (if you like zombies, gore and bad humor, just the thing!)

Saturday was spent running errands - awesome housemate has some plans for the apartment, and we picked up hardware, cloth and other items needed! Byron came over, and we had our pre-ride dinner of spagetti and meatballs and a big salad.

early to bed, early up, its the day of the ride!!!

(more on that later, but it was amazing, and a great way to celebrate my birthday!) Thank you everyone for contributing to the awesomeness.
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