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tho no bicycling! It was too cold, and I'm really having trouble dealing with the temperature.

saturday, byronium and I met up around noon, mostly after the new housemate had moved in. I'm looking forward to her putting her stamp on the place!

We headed out to not go mtn biking, and instead ran some errands. instead of cooking the fancy dinner we'd planned, we just got some crab and bread and had crab, garlic bread and some white wine. Turns out this was good for me. :)

I finished two knitting projects (almost) - just have to sew the sweater together!

Slept well and beautifully, even after watching a Few Good Men and My Neighbor Totoro. Woke up to it still being freezing cold and a really funny conversation with my mom about weddings. I dont know a thing about them either so we're enjoying watching my brother's unfold.

Headed down to RWC to have brunch with the llama - she's struggling with her medical woes, so it was nice to hang out and visit.

Finally, the weekend ends with Rhiannonstone's Birthday Crabfest! crabs! lots of 'em. Yum. :)


Date: 2011-03-01 02:16 pm (UTC)
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Do you have an electric mattress pad or blanket? I turn mine on high as soon as I get home. By 10pm it's delightful. I get into bed and turn it off. If it's really cold, I'll leave it on low and it automatically turns off after it's been on 8 hours. If I get cold in the middle of the night I turn it back on. It's the only reason I can sleep in the garage. I like it better than a space heater because I like my body to be warm and my face to be cool.


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