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Thursday night, ended up meeting up at the Rickshaw Stop with a bunch of friends to see Mother Mother play a set. They were really awesome live. unfortunately, the Rickshaw Stop and I have a bad history, and it continued with me drinking too much. (My own fault. but it was dumb)

I had otherwise tho, the best time, dancing. I havent felt that free and happy on the dance floor in years. I missed Libitinae a lot - she was the person I liked to dance with back in the bad ol' days.

Friday was another busy day at work, but I felt like I was back on top of things.

Left work at 5 pm 'cause I was supposed to meet friends at Luna Park for dinner. The problem happened on the Bart train in front of me. It was smoking. (Caught on fire?)

they turned my bart back. I messaged rhiannonstone to warn her (I knew she was coming in the same direction) and let byronium know as well.

I was stuck in Oakland. at the 12th street station, and it was COLD, DARK, and rainy. (and the station was sooo soo crowded, it made me claustrophobic.)

Ended up at a bar, connected with rhiannonstone and waited for byronium to come rescue us. But it was still too cold. I was starting to really really feel like I was going to lose it if I didnt get warm. And I was completely left cold by the menu at the place we were at (The Washington hotel's restaurant) Fortunately, Rhiannonstone is a good companion in a situation like this, and we figured out a plan of attack.

We called whipartist and she got us and took us to ChopBar. By the time we got seated, byronium also had arrived as did yummy mixed drinks. We tried some Primitivo on tap - first time I'd tried wine that wasnt bottled. It was really quite good, very drinkable.

After dinner, byronium drove me home, and I took a super long hot shower, put on a layer of winter fleece and went to bed with the heating pad on. This made sure all the kittens were also in bed with me. I was ok with that. I couldnt sleep, so watched John Woo's Red Cliffs. REALLY enjoyable film - good story, great characters, awesome insane fight scenes. :) I want to see it on a bigger screen.

Saturday morning was half chasing the kittens out of the room, and half laying in bed knitting and looking out the window. My friend R came up from RWC, and we went to brunch and planned out some motorcycle trips / rides / racetrack days. I'm a happy motogirl!

Saturday afternoon, byronium took me to a watch store. This is usually a painful, passionately annoying for me. I have some requirements and desires for a women's watch. And no one seems to want to make one that's appropriate.

The first: No Diamonds. I just dont want the blingy. diamonds do not make it more 'feminine'.
The second: fits my wrist. I have tiny wrists. And need a watch that's about 26-33mm, otherwise it just looks huge and heavy and ridiculous.
The Third: is not quartz. I want a mechanical watch. I want a sweep hand that floats, not ticks.
The Fourth: is like a men's aviator style.
The fifth: Sapphire crystal on the face, steel case.

the want/desire: like the Oris B3, have a clear back so I can see what the watch does... Could be clear on the front, or even switch over like flippy Jaeger.

I've been looking for this watch now for 4 years (longer, really, but in some earnest for that past few years of being with a horophile who buys watch porn... I look through the magazines and would get all indignant that they just didnt make women's watches nearly as cool and functional as men's watches.

I even wrote Oris that they didnt have a women's watch that was as nice as their large line of men's watches. But they never answered me.

actually they did. At the store, there was a women's Oris watch that fit all my requirements. And many of my wants/ desires.

I had to laugh, because I was slightly disappointed in not being able to get all venty. ;)


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