Feb. 25th, 2011

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I'm overworked, learning the ropes, and loving it. (this is regarding work)

I also have a housemate moving in! she's a friend of chuck and erica's, and we're going to test it out and see how it goes. I'm rearranging furniture and moving things around. I'm also tossing / donating a bunch of stuff so I feel really good about that too.

I was going to go to yoga tonite, but it turns out the teacher I wanted to see isnt teaching at YKSF anymore, and I didnt feel up to meeting a new teacher. So I'm signed up for Monday and Wednesday next week. Wednesday is Shivratri - Shiva's Night - and according to Hindu astrologers, the planets align in a way to encourage an upsurge of energy. Its a good evening to be awake and aware. So, I'm going to yoga. Skeeter's doing a special prayer for Shivratri, and I'm open to seeing how that feels.

My friend pug called me this week - it was good to hear from her and reconnect, I hope my babbling wasnt too overly TMI, and I'm glad I heard how things had gone with her when her mother passed. I pray still that she went quietly and not in fear.

Monday, I had off, and spent it cleaning up my apartment. That felt really good, my asthma and sinus' seem to be under control and I can actually clean. I think tho, going forward, I may have someone come in twice a month again for the kitchen and bathroom. I can mostly take care of the rest on my own. Monday night, went down to Palo Alto and boughtmyself a 40inch sony tv. ;) Next week, picking up the XboX Kinect next week. Looking forward to playing with the Kinect for sure.

Wednesday, had dinner with Byron and C (new housemate) at Velvet Cantina - the Sam Worthington look alike bartender was there. ZOMG, he's so damn cute. And sweet. I need to go back a little more often. ;) I only had two margaritas! ;)

the kittens are awesome! I adore them so much - you can see pictures here

I worked from home yesterday, and the weather was _awful_ - poor B had to work late, so we missed going to the Alliance Franciase to see the photographer that looked interesting. Sad my Hot Date Night got spoiled, but understand that work happens! We went instead to Ichi and had good sushi, and a lovely time, came back, and watched Crazy Heart by the fire... ok, so maybe my HDN was still pretty good!

I thought I might be getting an ear / sinus infection, so stayed home today to make sure I could netipot, drink lots of liquids and basically work straight from 8 am to 630 pm (whoops)

Looking forward to moving in the housemate, maybe mtn biking tomorrow, cooking with B, biking with B and llamaeyes, and rhiannonstone's birthday dinner. (busy enough!)

I've got a couple on the camera I need to get off soon.


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