Jan. 29th, 2011


Jan. 29th, 2011 09:15 am
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It keeps coming back to that - breathing. I had a pulmonary function test this week, and seeing the pulmonary guy next week. My breathing has been a lot better, and this is to confirm it, so that I can start reducing my drug intake for asthma. The test itself was pretty physically stressful. I dont like breathing through my mouth, and I dont like having my nose held or pinched, and this is all about breathing unnaturally. The gentleman giving the test seemed disturbed that I was having trouble, but so calm about it. I was being a little stoic, and I think it unnerved him. I finally told him I didnt like having to breathe through my mouth, having my nose pinced, and worse, the albuterol. He seemed even more confused that I was still so calm about it.

The albuterol made me jittery and gave me a raging headache. But after the test, it was so amazing to walk outside, and breathe in deeply in and out through my nose. It was fantastic! Feeling that breath moving down into the very bottom of my lungs, and out. Through my nose. :)

Yoga also has been really good with the breathing. I havent been feeling like I need any fast acting inhalers while I'm doing it. Let's see how Spin Class goes next week.

In the more serious aspect of breathing - my friend Princess Always Learning was telling me about going to see a family member before they passed away. And the breathing, the short shallow fast breaths, the fear that it would be the last one, the speed making it almost too hard to sit and be there. She'd never done that before. I havent done it either, but my imagination is pretty good. I could feel my throat closing up, my breath getting faster and shallower. I thought about him tho, surrounded by all the people who loved him, quietly, just breathing.

Less serious:

This past week has been pretty good workwise - taking on more responsibility, trying to figure out how things work, trying to figure out how the people work... Thursday was insane with meetings and timezone issues. Many of my new customers are East Coast. I see that waking up and checking email right away is going to be part of my schedule again...

At home, Byronium's been helping me paint my bedroom. its going slowly because we're doing it after work, and both of us are getting home a little late these days. But the room's been primed, and the first coat is on - its VERY purple. ;) I like it! We should get it finished this weekend. I'm slowly moving along with rearranging the rooms, etc - I plan on moving all the books out of the dining room so I can move the dining room table back to make more room to play Dance Central. ;) 

Today, off to get my hair cut. I was hoping to get up early and go to the farmer's market, but I got distracted by a snuggly cat. VERY snuggly cat. :)  I dunno what or when I'd have time to cook this weekend! (or next week. How'd it get so busy?!?) 


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